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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Past Due In Cimarron

What's normal anymore I'm not sure. It's been a long time since a post has been made here. Can't say when the next one will be but I do intend to contribute more to this site for reasons specific to me at least that's what I'm thinking now. It's not that I quit it was because I wasn't seeing anything that fired me up. Even this isn't anything special other than it's time to participate again.

Not too long ago went to Cimarron New Mexico. It's close at a 100 miles. Went into Taos for a day as it's a short fun 50 through the northern mountains of the state.  

This town the area and the St. James Hotel is rich in the history of the old west. I urge you to copy&paste to learn for yourself but I will throw in a few things. Nothing special about the pictures except for a couple possibly.

Remember about how they get big twice if you click on them.

This remains pretty much the way it was.
The lobby.

The swinging doors that lead to the rooms down stairs and to the stairway to the upstairs rooms which are the ones that are available to the public.

A lot of the biggies stayed here both good and bad.

Here's an example.

People were killed in the rooms too. I'm not sure about the upstairs.

Here in the bar area quite a few got hammered.

Check it out.

Plenty bullet holes in the ceiling so maybe somebody caught one.

This was a recent entry that was on the table. Things go on here all the time and I was told that for a day a week paranormal types set up cameras. I didn't see anything on my pictures. Don't let yourself get spooked now.

Here's the local jail. You didn't want to get locked up in a jail like this in those days because you're not breaking out of this one.

Read what the sign says.

These are some shots of the local cometary. Of course some of the past local players are there.

The local mill and now museum is pretty impressive.

And worth a visit.

What's unique about this mill is that the water wheel is inside the building.

It's still cowboy country out here.

Not far away is another cemetery from a town that for the most part has disappeared.

This would not be a bad place to hole up for the rest of eternity if that was your choice.

These are just some random shots while I was in Taos.

There are more things to buy and more stores to buy these things in you wouldn't believe.

I do very much like this architecture.

This was the museum associated with the picture above. None of this was for sale.

These are living structures of some sort. Ya I could live here real easy.

If it weren't for the tree this would be a pretty decent picture.

Of all of them I like this the best and is was just off the Plaza in Taos.

I was in the area the 1st of June and it was just late spring. The aspens still had a way to go before they were leafed out completely.

We be small fry's in this business. At least their generator was real quiet.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recent Roadtrip

A couple weeks ago drove through some of the mountains in SW Colorado. It was just awsome as they say. Very impressive. What a great place to be able to live.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recent Life

Thanks for coming by!!

It has been a long time since a post has been made here. Over two months. A lot has happened. I shared a bit here and the pictures below except for the first two are from yesterday.

Morning walks at home have been very pretty.
Click on the picture to really see things well.
Twice and they get even larger. 

This camera I have which has been around for some time takes such good macros. This critter was not very big at all.

This is the first time out with this. Lets call it the tweeking run.

This is just outside Logan,NM. Took a number of pictures and this one stood out a bit.

Like the frame design of this old Allis grader.

The inside of the road home.

A couple fellows came out and flew planes.

This man could fly his plane better than good. Everything was electric including the tire pump all using the same batteries.

Ute Lake SP has a number of communities like this one close to the lake. There is seldom a run down place and am struck by how clean and well cared for most of these places are. That and the diversity of what was done to each to fit the needs and whims of those living there. Kinda cool actually.

All in all this works pretty well. It should as it cost a lot. If the manufacturer would take just a few minutes more overall the end result would be much better.
On a different note if by the luck of the draw anyone has a lead on the southern Baja for a place to stay for a couple months that would be really nice. Have had no luck finding much at all and I know they are out there.

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