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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pagoda Cemetery Along The Williams Fork

A picture post done at OTC on 11/16/08 that was titled "Pictures And Video From Today". There are also pictures from a museum started by a man that lived here. He moved the Pagoda store to that museum and talk about a walk back in time. I am unable to make these pictures larger so you have to click on them to see them better. At the very bottom is a video of a huge elk named Clyde. Clyde killed a man a few years ago who was feeding him. He was just doing what elk do. That was a bad deal all the way around.

Here is a video just sent to me with people who are not very smart getting close to bull elk in Estes Park. It's scary and some are very lucky they did not get killed as well. 

It was so nice today I should have been wearing shorts. Not much color but I like this area a lot. The rich have found it. This is the east fork of the Williams Fork River south of Hayden,CO.

An interesting little cemetery that rivals any I saw along the Mississippi.

There's a very nice picture of this women on the headstone.

If ever I was to build a house it would have a command post on the top like this one and that's where I'd be hanging out.

This is inside the Wyman Museum.  I had never visited until today and I was impressed. This museum is fun and informative.

One can spend several hours here without any problem.

This guy will be up on Saturday.

A bit of reverse engineering for moving hay. The building on the left behind the muffler was the Pagoda store which was located across the road from the cemetery and moved to the site of the museum.

A 360 degree video showing just where this cemetery sits.

Here is Clyde the pet elk who was bugling  but not when I did this. He is one big boy.


  1. I've been thinking of posting on another old cemetery in southern Colorado, somewhere south of Pagosa Springs. I've been on a search for the photo of it. I love synchronicity and this seems to fit. BTW: Love your cooking video.

  2. Do that Teresa. I want to see yours and thanks for the nice words. Leadville's is really something. It's surprising how many are out there that you just run across and if I'm in no hurry I'm going in to look around.

    On Google earth you can find cemeteries as well although I've not used that will later as I found several that are down south where I will be moving and will go look at.

    It's fun!

  3. Very fun. Old cemeteries have long held a fascination for me.

    Where ya movin' to?

  4. 40 miles south of Pueblo - 64 miles north of the New Mexico state line.

    right here


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