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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spiders But Just Pictures

We take pictures of everything. Spiders don't bother me much and at the very bottom is a feisty one for sure. This particular one is a wolf spider and have to admit a bit of eeee when I saw this I did not know what this was at first and flicked it or something and immediately realized  it was the "mother load" as at least twice as many babies jumped off as what are being carried. This thing was huge. Remember about clicking on the picture to make them bigger.

Not the best picture but like the color.
As with this one. Talk about matching colors with these two. The yellow one was brought in to me ans was of course released. Green and a yellow spider. That's cool!

I don't know the name of this one but I'll say it's a type of horn spider. Reminds me of those huge barn spiders back in the mid west  but different and not quite as big. They just keep to themselves and not seen anywhere else except for in the windows downstairs and not up where it's brighter.

Then there is this fellow. He's a jumper and a aggressive defender/fighter. These are a "jumping " spider which there are many of. The short video shows what I mean but you have to watch closely as these guys are quick.


  1. oh my! i love spiders... ;)i like those in the 4th and 5th photos... awesome! really nice!

    here's my new url...


  2. I'm glad you like this Vhincci. Changed your link.

  3. Thank you... ok, new post is up... click this...


  4. I love the green and yellow spider with the cactus flower. They are such interesting little creatures, but they do freak me out from time to time. When you can see a spider's eyes...
    Nice photos.

  5. Like the one carrying it's young. That was kinda gross actually. Both the yellow and the little green one are not very good pictures and I do not know why there was only one picture taken of the green spider. I doubt I'll ever get another crack at that yellow one again.

    Thanks Teresa.

  6. Well....hummmm. I have a very healthy respect after being biten by the cousin of the brown recluse.


  7. I bet you do and I've been lucky Linda that is for sure.

  8. Yikes! For the very first time ever I scrolled all the way down without looking at one single photo. Oooo.

  9. OH MY! Hope I haven't put a hex on anyone accidentally.

  10. Now, that is a lot of spiders. You do see a big variety too. I am Ok with them as long as they leave me alone.


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