Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

On this blogger site one can click on all pictures except for the header above two times each time making them larger which is a feature I like because it gives you the ability to really look very close at all kinds of things not readily seen.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From Today 6/14/11

Took a a couple minutes and came away with these and it's not often I get this many decent pictures in a row. Some of these are so vibrant it's like you can jump right into them. The tulip is not from today.

Remember about being able to click twice on these each time making them much larger. You can really look around then.


  1. They're beautiful. Life up close is such an amazing thing. Love the variety of lavenders and purples in the second one, which is your header photo, too, I believe. It's nice to be able to enlarge them. It's so fun, taking pictures, isn't it?

  2. Yes it is. I know of only one other person who has a camera very close at all times like myself. In fact it seems most I know are passionate about nothing. Can you get just a little tiny bit excited about anything. I guess not.

  3. Blogger isn't letting me post. GRRRRRRRRRR

    Great shots! I love the wide open skies! No winter here----YAY! did you plant them are were they just waiting for your to come by with your camera?

  4. There just around the golf course Linda. So many opportunities.


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