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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nice Kitty

This cat showed up two five pound bags of cat food ago. I think it may be neutered as before it got here I would think there would be a pregnancy involved. It's not real young. It gets named in the video and can live here as long as it wants and get fed.

It's possible this could have been a young feral cat as it took some time to become acquainted. An unusual thing is that this cat does not play. At the end of the video she pounces and that's the first time I've seen that. It's also a good hunter which isn't all that great as already there is one less rabbit but they're trouble for the garden as well.

This cat is very gentle but still spooks easily at times and no way would it approach others unless it was real hungry like it was when it showed up.

We'll see soon enough what grows outta this. This is a pretty cool cat and it 100% grey.  


  1. She is beutiful...maybe 2-3 years old? I'll be she's a throw away and has been fixed. I'm glad you've found each other. Every house needs at least one cat friend.


  2. Well, obviously you got your medicine bag back, 'cause I've watched this thing four times and have yet to see a cat. Are you (and Linda) just messin' with me?

  3. I agree with the cat friend Linda. Brother has two and they don't go out. He's had some special ones but if they out eventually they will be had in 2-3 years and I go with you on your 2-3 as well. I'm pretty sure it's fixed.

    There's what we think is a foreclosure down the road and maybe from there. Life is pretty good for Stretch. She has a good life sleeping in her box condo in the garage. Sun comes up and she's ready for some morning interaction. It's a really nice kitty.

  4. OH MY!! What is it that your seeing??

  5. Rock. Only rocks. I'll try again. And that's with reading glasses, too!

    Regardless, kitties do make good company. And those horses, too. Appaloosa?

  6. For anyone else who can not view this correctly here is the direct LINK.

  7. Usually when a cat rolls over like that, it's luring your hand in to shred it. The fact that this kitty doesn't shred your hand but instead lets you pet her tummy pretty much proves she was someone's kitty before she got put out for whatever reason.

    Congrats on being owned by another cat!

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  8. Okay. the video I saw yesterday was rocks. Really. Now, I see the link and she's a beauty and so sweet. Looks like she found herself a good home.

    I tot I taw a putty tat.


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