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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kat Moves

Think I understand about this kitty and it's behavior. I've mentioned before this cat does not play except with it's tail. I believe it may have been a bit abused because it scares so easily and after being scared or accidentally stepping on one of it's feet it cringes in fright. She does other things too that seem odd and my brother pointed out  it does so because it's the only way it can feel safe and that's exactly correct.

The other safe place besides inside here is the garage close by which has to be it's home when I'm not here and when it gets nicer out. It does venture out a bit but is slinky at all times. This kitty can hunt as I've seen it with a rabbit and a dove. This is a very nice cat.

Because of it's abused childhood Stretch forgets those times by burying it's head in the food bowl often. This cat can eat and drink I tell you. It's nice out and she's going to spend the rest of the day outside.

Yesterday was the first time I really saw this cat do something like this. At first it didn't pay attention to the laser. It took two days and finally I got it to go after it. There's more coming for sure.


  1. We got our first kitty this past July from the SPCA and she has been a joy!

    They are special and funny in their own ways!


    Debbie's Travels

  2. She is really pretty and very lucky to have you. I am thinking she got really, really, really hungry to want to eat so much.

  3. It was a very hungry kitty when it came that is for sure. It is not hungry now and it's belly full but it's still hungry. Stretch will pretty much get as much as she wants to eat.


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