Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Flowers

In a conversation with a flower person I came here to show examples of just that and used the flower tags on the right. There weren't that many to be seen. I like flower pictures and I like taking them. It's just fun even though you might have a picture already of the same thing but they're so pretty you just have to take a picture or two-maybe three.

Of course looking at flowers has nothing to do with the 74" of snow on the mountain and that spring seems like a lifetime away. Nope it's just flowers.


  1. Exquisite - each and every one of them. Just beautiful.

  2. And ya know Leslie you link to both of my blogs. That's real nice too. Thanks. TB

  3. Tommy,

    You know that mom appreciated this. By the way she now has a wireless keyboard and mouse. 89 in January.


  4. Fantastic.
    Natures beauty is a work of art for us to gaze at in awe.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Tom, 74 inches of snow though Geesh!

  6. And it's going to dump a whole bunch more in the next couple days Jim. The economy needs it and I don't.

  7. Hi Tim
    89 what!!! I though it was 83 or something. would call but my phone charger broke and I doubt if I can get one here in town. It's old and I do not want a contract. The computer has been a good thing for your mom and more older people should be made aware of these contraptions. You did a good thing with the wireless it's much more comfortable as you know. I'm sorry I just couldn't stick around any longer and it was just time to come home.

  8. This was lovely! Made today even harder to handle, for just a brief moment I was in summer again.



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