Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Wupatki National Monument

At the end of March 2009 revisited Wupatki National Monument for the what ever number of times because it is at the top of the list for favorite places to go that doesn't get old. Located just north of Flagstaff, Arizona it is on a 30 some mile loop road where in lies another National Monument.

There is a lot going on out here and you can get an idea of that by taking a close look at the first picture which is of the main ruins a short walk from the visitors center.There are ruins just along the road requiring only short walks to explore. What's better is to take walks away from the main sites and you will find many things if you have a observant eye. It's fun. Most of these are meant to be illustrative with a couple that are pretty good but when you click on them and they get bigger they're all fun to look at.

                                            Panoramas pass all.

             The black rocks are cinder rocks at a ruin built on a higher part of the valley floor called the Citadel.

This picture shows one of the reasons why Wupatki is different. This is a ball court the only one I've seen. When you are viewing it around it and particularly in it envision what it must have been like with a game being played. This is cool stuff.

Directly behind where you see the sign just a few yards is a blow hole another thing that is unique at least it's the only one of those I've been around as well. There isn't a picture but at the link there is.

Look what we have here. A picture of the very same blow hole courtesy of Cujo and Dana. Thank you so much! It's working quite nicely as you can see. It goes the other way as well.

                                           This is what much of the terrain looks like .

Here is the reason for the cinder rocks and the blackness of the ground. The other monument is Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. There are volcanoes that popped off all over the place here and the picture at the top shows that.


  1. Amazing, absolutely amazing pictures.

  2. I took a picture of the blow hole while Dana had her head stuck in it.

    It's an amazing area. Hard to believe folks put all that effort into building places like that, and then left them.

  3. RZ-have you been there?

    Cujo thanks for including that picture. I like that a lot and I for what ever reason did not take one of that. I was by myself and just didn't but I'm stealing that to put in the folder for Wupatki. May I use this in the post itself to give the example I do not have?

  4. Well i have been there now, thanks to your great pictures.
    But, no I have not personally been there.
    If this fucking recession would not have hit.
    I would have been able to travel the states.
    Now I am stuck in sleepy hollow. lol

  5. Excellent pictures Tom! That one picture where you said this is pretty much what they all looked like shows they were a pretty industrious people because there is a lot happening there.

  6. Great post! I'll bet there is snow there now and if there isn't there is a bitter cold wind.


  7. Thank you Jim and you are correct I'm sure Linda that it's cold for sure.

  8. Thanks for the visit and the kind comment kasthurirajasm. I would very much like to visit your country.

  9. Dana sent me and she's right, it's a beautiful post. Thanks!

  10. I appreciate that Karen and hope you visit some more. Thank you.


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