Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Odds & Ends

UPDATE 1/17/11
There are several new pictures at the bottom that show where the bridge to nowhere actually ends.

I have been in the process of categorizing my pictures in a different way. There are 47 different folders and some go several different places. It's just at times as there are so many and don't know what to do sometimes but know they need to go somewhere and "Odds & Ends" is the go to place. Not much rhyme or reason but in this post most are from the same area.

This is a not very good picture of an underground coal fire in western Colorado. There are a number of these.

I like this picture taken at the McConkie Ranch just out side of Vernal,Utah. I wanted to get up to the building but that was not allowed. The fact they let you on their property to view the amazing Rock Art is more than enough. 

An abandoned coal mine and the ridge at the right is in Dinosaur National Monument. This picture and all the others are in Utah. Remember about being able to click on the pictures to make then huge.
A power plant using coal out in the middle of nowhere. On the other side of the snow capped mountains lies Salt Lake.

I tried to find where this rock came from on the cliff face but couldn't.

This horse fly was just hovering in front of me so of course you take a picture.

I like this bridge and it's  a real nice one where the road ends four miles away. It's true.

The old and the new.

I spent quite a bit of time around here. There was a small camp site with bathrooms the land donated and facilities maintained by a nearby rancher that gave access to the White River. That's real nice.
This is just above the bridge. Click on this as there's a lot going on. I count at least eight contrails and think the tin cans are real old and have nothing to do with the men that worked on this bridge to nowhere.

I just like this picture. Can't wait for flowers to be in bloom once again. It's probably going to snow 20" in the next day or so.

New pictures in response to a comment. There is a story here about this bridge and the dead end road. This bridge is maybe five miles south of Bonanza,Utah. No man's land.


  1. A silly question.
    What in the fuck is on either side of that nice looking bridge? :-)

    I like the one with the clouds in the horizon.
    There is just something magical about clouds.

  2. More of what you see here. There are very few people out here. Sent you some pictures.

    I could not get a divider between the cloud picture as I like that as well. The reason they are flat on the bottom I think is because of a pressure gradient. I'm probably wrong but its something like that.

  3. You made me wish for spring and summer more than ever. Great photos! All of them.


  4. Thanks Linda!!

    I missed your BDay so a late Happy Birthday.

  5. You just make me wish again and again that I was back there.

    I don't know what program you're using to catalogue your pics, but speaking as a former news librarian who set up a photo filing system in 3 libraries (2 news, 1 architecture), can't you cross reference them? For example, in the image of the mine:
    - Dinosaur National Monument (date)
    - Mines (date)

    If you went all around the country, you could do something like:
    Mines - Utah
    Mines - Colorado

    It's basically a matter of people, places or things with as few breakdowns as possible. Sometimes a subject will grow, for examples flowers. And then either "Flowers - Columbine" or just simply "Columbine." It doesn't really matter as long as it's consistent.

    Hell, I'd be delighted to come out there and set it up for free, if you pay my way. ; )

    Whatever you do don't catalogue by date. You'll never find anything.

  6. Maybe it's an OH SHIT! That's what I've been doing. I know I can find things much easier.

    Example of that for today. 011911 Pictures downloaded are put in a folder for that year.

    It has a lot to do with memory as well. I know where to go get these things or be very close to it. When I can't remember any more probably won't give a squat about looking at pictures anyway.

    Do the examples you mention need to be typed on individual pictures. I use a Pentax program called ACD that I like and have always used.

    What I have an issue with now is that pictures are not being labeled as to the type.
    It's the date with the number behind it but not whether it's a jpg,avi or what have you. That changed when my hard drive was replaced. Not a real big deal. Because of that any video goes in it's own folder within that folder so it's very easy to find.

    Getting a HD flip type Sony video camera. Supposed to be here tomorrow. Anxious to see just how much better it will be. If it's not a dramatic improvement over what I use now it won't be kept. I hope it is and think it will be. Thank you Leslie!

  7. One Fly,
    Thanks as always, great pics. I always enjoy expanding them and seeing a small piece of the reality you are experiencing there. Truly beautiful country and scenery.

  8. It's fun isn't it Oso. Getting a close up look at some of this stuff can be close to being there at times. Thanks!


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