Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

On this blogger site one can click on all pictures except for the header above two times each time making them larger which is a feature I like because it gives you the ability to really look very close at all kinds of things not readily seen.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Times Fishing

The first movie ever done by me as almost identical to this one except that some of the pictures are different and the song is the same. That was uploaded to Google video years ago. Google video is a thing of the past.

I do have a new camcorder that does Hi-Def videos that I can't wait to use when some colors appear that are not white. One of the benefits is that the changes made to Windows Movie Maker enhanced any pictures used in a video as well to such an extent they look almost as good as if I was viewing them directly from my picture file on my own computer screen.

To see that effect click on the far right icon to get a full screen and click on the numbers to the left of that icon and choose 720. Let it load a bit and then view. I think it looks pretty decent and wonder what you think and how it played for you.

You may not see the numbers until the video is started. How I wish I would have had this camera this summer but they just came out with it. 


  1. Wow that was nice, those are good times all right.

  2. I will try hard before I leave this fall Jim to get some good stuff because it is a cool place to be.

  3. The picture on the header, is that a cuthroat?

  4. Brown trout Cat's caught just about two years ago on the White River between Meeker and Ripple Creek Pass on the road to Yampa over the flattops.

    Of course I did not catch that.

    For those who come later here the picture being talked about is on the header and will be gone with the next post. It is the last picture in the video though. The one with the snow in the back round.


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