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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Ann Bassett

I found this person and her story very interesting. Her own words about Browns Park.
"every sage brush,gulch and rock had a meaning of it's own and each blade of grass or scrubby cedar was a symphony". But there's a lot more to this. Read the text under this picture.

This girl at the age of 15 started hanging with the big name outlaws of the time. Butch Cassidy and others as well. Her sister did the same. Another picture of Ms. Bassett below. The man has nothing to do with this. There was a man hung from the limb you see here and there were clothes that she wore in the cases and that's what prompted me to start thinking a bit.

Her clothing was key. She was very attractive and the clothes in the cases were extremely nice. The way they were displayed I did not take a picture and this girl was tiny. Charged with rustling twice but never convicted. Looking at the pictures and clothes it was obvious this girl had a bit of culture. I don't think Ann Bassett chewed tobacco and cussed a blue streak. The guys sought her out and I'd bet good money they acted like gentlemen when they were around these two sisters. I urge you to go here and read this very interesting story about this women and the outlaws of the time not even that long ago. She died in 1956 in Browns Park where she eventually married.

Some other pictures. One is a repetition. These were taken last Saturday 7/23.


  1. I was wondering as I read this if she was Etta Place, then the link you provided answered it, sort of, for me. Interesting lady and the mystery around her. Lovely, too. I like hearing about women of independence at times when it was so frowned upon. Nice post.

    The bottom photo is one heck of a view. Beautiful.

  2. It's a fun story Teresa. There's a reason the bad guys hung out there and up in Wyoming. It's a long way from nowhere and rugged and still is. A person can spend days and days in this part of the country and never be bored with never ending vistas like the one you like. Glad you liked this.

  3. Looking around for a while at your whole site and it occurs to me (as if I hadn't known already), you do get around, my friend.

    And it looks like fun!

    Thanks for the beauty,


  4. Thanks for the post about Anne Bassett. I'm always on the look out for interesting history to read, so I 'm now on my way to AMAZON to get myself a copy.


  5. Thanks Susan. I'm lucky and Colorado is full of stuff like this.

    This is a book I would read Linda.

  6. Nice story about Ann Bassett. I love the scenic photos.

  7. Hey, just to clarify another item - the second photo from the top is NOT Ann Basset but Nell Jarvie, and her husband John is at left. These photos are on display at the Jarvie Ranch. The wooden beam is from the Two Bar and is the one from which "Judge" Bennet was hanged (hence the rope).


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