Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And In This Corner - - -

Is our guy so to speak. They're around and come close make a bit of noise and look fearsome at least to me. They have never done anything bad and get out of the way.

Click on the pictures once then twice for very close inspection of the wonders of nature in this case.

Here's another and this fellow looks tough for sure.

Here he is training as they do eat and in this case it looks like a damsel fly. Then there's the other side.

While hiking I saw something on the trail. Insects like to land on trails btw. I tried to get pictures and came away with a couple passable ones before whatever this was flew away.

It was hard to tell what was really going on but it was apparent our boy was toast. This was about all this guy could carry. Couldn't fly far with this load but he did get away finally.

It would be my guess the winner could take our guy every time.


  1. Super pics, Fly! Nature Red in Tooth and Claw. If God designed these critters, imagine what He looks like!

  2. Well, I'm completely freaked out, especially about the part where "incests like to land on trails." :) All kidding aside, I would not want to come across one....

  3. OH MY! That was bad. Sometimes I can't see this even if I want to. Thanks for pointing out in a gentle and humorous way.

    I think the one that got our guy would hurt us but not our guy. It's the horse fly's that I'm careful of.

  4. The bad guy looks like a cross between a scorpion, a tarantula and a fly. Serious heebie-jeebies. I couldn't find it in my southwestern Audubon guide.

    I trust you're getting all settled in....


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