Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Hunted And The Hopeful

I have been lax in posting but there are some things lined up. This picture from just awhile ago. It's a beautiful late October Day.

This is the first coyote I've seen in a bit over three weeks here. Antelope all the time. While bopp'in on the bike came over a hill pretty close to 15 or 20. They took off pretty fast and I made them pick it up a bit. They weren't  doing 60 but they were cruising for sure.

And some others from about the same time. Nothing special. Took a huge hike yesterday which will be a post soon and it's just plain quiet out there.  Probably 8-10 miles worth and didn't kick anything up. But what I did find was geodes and plenty of them.

A Washington Hawthorne. It's very hard to get trees to grow here.

The Hueferno River drainage.

Was waiting for a train/trains but no. There are plenty but as yet there have been only a couple decent train pictures.  It will happen. The are a bunch of places to get good ones.

That's me behind the windows.

What's left of Lascar. It's just over the hill behind our place. Don't know much about it but I believe at one time there was a post office here. ( There goes a train)


  1. Your header is beautiful. And those mountains are only a memory of what you used to put up with...I'm sure there is snow up there now as we have snow and rain here!


  2. Thanks Linda but it was pretty bland out there and it is white now and whatever we end up with will leave pretty quick. I'm an inside guy today.


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