Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something New

It's a pretty small world out here but today riding my bike did a turn around and this is what I saw.  A  desert horned lizard more commonly known as a horny toad.

This is the first I've seen here. It was on a road that's why I saw it. Just a little guy but impressive none the less.  Click on it a take a close look.

There can't be many of these and it seems he's taking a chance. There are a number of predators who would like to make a meal of him.

It's always a treat to see unusual things on a often used route. Only because the speed was slow and even slow on a bike is too fast to see many other things. Walking is the best way to see the most.


  1. When my older son, Trevor, was quite young, he was enamored of all things in nature and so a friend of his somehow managed to bring back to Minnesota a pair of horny toads from somewhere in the SW. We created a terrarium for them out of an old aquarium. He named them Fred and Wilma (Flintstone). Alas, they did not survive their relocation.

  2. It was maybe too easy for them. I was surprised to see this. Talk about a throw back.

  3. Wow, that critter is something else! In the first picture I thought he was flat :)

    I've heard the phrase horny toad but I thought it was just a picturesque expression for some guys :) :)

  4. They are low to the ground for sure meaning flat is a good description. fast little buggers too.

    Yes it goes both ways.

  5. Great photos...I haven't seen one since my youth!

    Great Job!


  6. I bet they are still some around Linda. In the last five years I've seen maybe five max. Thanks!

  7. What a cool looking lizard. Great sighting. I am glad you got photos too.

  8. My kids used to love to catch the "Horney Toads" growing up in Nevada! Now the grandkids (all Boys) enjoy doing the same!!

    I'm sure you'll see more!
    Debbie's Travels


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