Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stills - Shadows Of Ourselves

Fact of the matter is there aren't many pictures of me and I'm good with that.  Part of my job now is  to spend little as in these two pieces (shirt and pants) for nine bucks. I put these on this morning and felt pretty good. I went out and took a couple pictures and see what could be had for Sunday Stills. Trust me in that there will be very few of these in the future.

This is dressed up. I will wear this when I fly out for Coast Rica at the end of next month. There is a chance more than extremely  slim that sweet younger things will think I am a wealthy coffee plantation owner and well - - - never mind.

That is snow you see out there. Click on the picture to see things better. Twice for more better.

This is normal attire and happy to say it's been five straight months of put shorts on in the morning - take 'em off at night and there's still a lot of shorts weather ahead too. Fine by me.

A picture in my other life taken in '06.

A couple from the way way back machine between '77 and '79 while a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana West Africa.  This beer was Ta Ta and could be oh soooo good. I'd drink one right now if I could. I understand Coast Rica makes three different lagers. Every once in a while I'll have a beer and I am a lager guy. I can't wait to get my hands around one of the Costa Rican type lagers I tell you. 

This picture is in what was Upper Volta back then and is now Burkina Faso. Just happen to remember this picture and that the beer was Bravolta a local lager as well. This was good beer too. If you are at all interested recently ran across a site done by a PCV named Cathy Seely who served in Burkina Faso. It's loaded with great pictures of what life is like there. Don't remember there being many beer pictures. It's here.

It's not a picture but I like this and was a post I did for my 60th BDay titled "Confused and Going Around In Circles". Thanks to a little help from my friends.


  1. Hey Tom, Thanks for posting these pics. It's fun to see who we're talking to. :) And there's your purse in Ghana!

    Happy Sunday Morning. I bet you're all ready to go to church. LOL

  2. It is and you remembered! If it weren't so worn out I'd bring it along. The only reason I did this is that I felt comfortable with these two items and that's the only reason.

    Instead of church maybe emotuo Sunday in Kumasi.

    Party hardy starting about 8 in the morning with bring your own meat and friends all eat out of what is actually a dishpan with your choice of soup which covers the rice balls in the pan. There could be a band playing but there will be music and dancing happening.

    My kind of Sunday. Only went to a couple but never forgot Emotuo Sunday.

    Thanks Teresa!!

  3. Great pics! I'm sure some sweet, young thing will assume you are for sure a plantation owner, or attorney? or banker?? Hopefully not the attorney... Understand the comfy shorts, I have my comfy clothes and shoes... I wear Berkenstocks, summer and winter (with socks in winter) Is that new snow? and Yes! agree with Teresa...fun to see who Fly is. Fun post...

  4. Now you know TMoon. And I thought I was smiling huge. Oh well. Thanks for that!

    I bought a pair of Keen H2's as they're called. They have a toe and I love them. No break-in and you don't know you're wearing anything. A 30 year old pair of Birk's for around the house that got resoled this spring. They are going and my hiking shoes but no tennis shoes.

    1. I just bought my first pair of Keen's, at a second hand store, but they still had the tags on, never worn! They're green and they look like they're made from hemp. They are sooo comfortable.

      Purses and shoes.... LOL

    2. Took a long time to decide. 100 smacks but got them for total of 70 from Amazon. I hope they last a long long time. Have not had them wet because there good for either.

  5. Fun to see the people we read! My husband loves his Keen's(they last a good long time)and lager. He has never been lucky enough to enjoy a Costa Rican lager! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Plenty in common. I like that - thanks!

  6. Perfect photos! Happy Shadow Sunday, Tom!


  7. Oh, I wish we had some shorts weather coming, but I guess we're done for this year.
    You clean up nice too. :-)

    1. Yuk Yuk! It is possible at times Eva. Thanks for that.

  8. Donuts with the Tractor...that looks like fun!

  9. And it was! Thanks for the visit.

  10. it was the most I ever spent on a pair of footwear outside of work boots. Oh my that's wrong cuz I spent a 100 on my Merrill hiking boots.


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