Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Bus Ride

The other day rode with a friend from Atenas to a town called Grecia via Alajuela where you get on a a different bus. I'm guessing 25 to 30 miles.

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We caught the bus for Alajuela on the highway at a bus stop. You end up in a bus station but the other bus for Grecia is several blocks away. 

There was little waiting but that's not always the case as you might imagine.

In Grecia like many places there is the town square which is a park as well.

School has started and there school kids of all ages a lot of places. I'm not sure when the hours are and all have some sort of uniform.

You knew there was going to be a church some place along the way.

Got inside this one and it was pretty cool. Of course the back is my hang out and I this was a funeral. I did not know that and left. After that the doors were closed.

Here are some street scenes looking into the hills outside town.

The geography was a bit different than here in that there was more ground that was easier to work as it was not as hilly/mountainous.

Grecia is noted for a very good farmers market. I believe it as local market at the bus station was impressive!
I would not ride a bus to go to the market as it takes several hours and in the end most of the day. The trip cost about $5 or so.


  1. Too bad you couldn't have taken more pics from inside the church. It looks amazing.

  2. Was going to but they closed it up. I suppose everyone went to the cemetery.

  3. The light in the church was amazing!


  4. Sooner or later we all go to the cemetery. :-)
    Glad to see that you are getting out and seeing the land.
    Wish I was there.

  5. Every once in awhile anyway RZ. I don't think you just hop on a bus for the heck of it. You generally have a reason.


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