Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Morning

No post about Costa Rica but here are some of the things I saw this morning. Most of these have been manipulated but it does look this green as there has been above average rains but not in the last few days.

Greenhorn Mountain. A few days ago I lived directly east of it 10-12 miles. Always the trains.  

Two pictures from the same spot with the ever present Spanish Peaks in the back round.

Two things here. Left of dead center if you click on the picture is a starting gate that is used for racing horses. This is a practice area as there is a jockey who lives here and racers here before them.

The other  is the water. With the moisture we've had you see water all over the place like this. Ranchers built small holding ponds but you never notice them because there has been no water to hold. They didn't do this because it was fun. They did it because it used to rain more than it does and they were trying to capture all they could. There is no building of these nowadays that that I see. 


I found these plums the other day walking. They're not quite ready but when they are I will get some for sure.  When I was a kid back in the cornfield a highlight was the wild fruits including mulberries. They were all over and plums found more along railroad tracks.

This looks more interesting in person than in this  picture.

My new place. I like it here. I can't believe how quite and peaceful it is. I have a great back yard and soon the spare bedroom will be parked in it's already made special place. 


  1. Finally green in our desert here also. Love your photos! I'm also glad you are back to posting!


  2. Colorado is such a beautiful State! So happy to see you back in action!


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