Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Color For A Friend

Click on these so they get BIG. Twice

My friend Linda from Delta who doesn't have her corn in yet (they do now - happy days)suggested I get out there and find some color as it's drab in Colorado and many other places as well and brighten things up a bit.

A bit of motivation doesn't hurt sometimes so out I went and produced several half decent pictures for a change and definitely not in order. It takes a loooong time to upload these. All were taken today 12/13.

This is on the other side of a small river where the school is located. Typical life. 

There is color many places.

Soon many of these will be in bloom.

A common flower and took pictures of the same in Costa Rica.

The next four pictures were taken in a neighbors garden. Everybody cooperated. The dragonfly didn't move the whole time I was there. Either he was on his way out/hungover or something of that nature. It sure wasn't from being cold.

Took one shot of this spider and got it. Very hard with my camera to get something like this in focus.

Went for a hike on a trail and cannot emphasize enough how intense it is and this picture does not do justice not even a little bit. It was fairly dark and need to leave earlier than what I did next time. It's a work out and wasn't quite prepared. The highlight was when I came to a very small area where the sun was getting through and I saw another one of these the first being in Costa Rica. I just figured I would never see another but I did today. It's happenings like this that makes things go round for this guy.

Very pretty-hard to capture and you will not just walk into this greenery. Not sure what kind of forest this really is and it very well may be called something other. Will find out.

The way it was driving out of Walsenburg 11/16 but since then the weather has been quite  mild.


  1. Nice pics... How long you going to be there?

  2. YAY! Color and a trip through a jungle complete with cool bugs...although the spider I could live without.


  3. Thanks, Tom! Aren't you glad spiders don't get any bigger than they do?

  4. There were some monsters at the ranch Fearguth and spotting them in CR they were all over. Have not seen one here at night but I'm going out to see if I can find any and see how big they may be just for you guys.

  5. Yes there are spiders out there and did see one. A bit rough out there and seemed like there were quite a few along the creek.

  6. Nice shots -- I bumped them up and was struck by their beauty. -- barbara

  7. Thanks Barbara. I am a bit partial to the macros. Been under the weather for too long and have not posted either place. Going in for one of three shots. many have this cough that just lingers. Very hard at night.

  8. Looking for Tom Bleuer, Dave Schwint calling still in Storm Lake, IA please respond Thanks

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