Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Out And About

A few pictures of what goes on in my world these days. Find these flowers to be rather pretty.

My new casa. I live on the bottom which is a studio with the top being a two bedroom.

I buy fish here and several other places as well. There are quite a few around and bought fish much further into Vallarta this morning. Spent $19 including almost 5 for some reading glasses as don't have any spares left.

From the upstairs apartment. Mine is just as nice but much smaller. I'd really like to live up here but for one guy it's too much and too expensive.

All I can say here is that these are sooooo good and eat them with most meals. Costs a buck.

I walk with Andres and Maria who own the property. Gracious and hospitable always as everyone seems to be here and anywhere else. Pretty cool actually. I expect this new friendship to continue even after I leave. Maria is holding avocados in case you were wondering.


  1. Excellent photos! I hope 2015 is a great year for you!


  2. Great pics! With reference to the cost of those frijoles fritos, I see that gas is cheap in Mexico, too. :)

  3. Don't have a clue what gas costs. I know this excellent white fish I've been getting is 120 a kilo or 3.20 a lb. filleted. Big pineapple a 4 real nice nectarines were 20/1.37.

  4. Great pics! Your world looks pretty interesting. (Love that fish pic the most!)

    1. Nice to see you come over to visit Nadine. Not too motivated these days and posting is slow. Thanks!


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