Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Geode Central

A couple weeks ago went for a hike to the east three miles to the top of this mesa. Crossed the Huerferno River where you see cottonwoods.

We're on the river bottom and you can see there is not much water that flows. At one time water flowed around here a hundred years or less ago.

A while back a six mile stretch of pcv was run to get water to where it was needed from a well that produced enough to make it worthwhile. Our well is 22ft deep and is hand dug.

Quite a bit of fossil activity going on.
 A small drainage on the way out to the mesa. We were talking last evening and it seems like one cottonwood tree can consume as much as 300 gallons of water a day. Years ago most trees were cut down in place like this just for that reason is my understanding.

Here is a concentration of geodes along the way but not the mother load.

This is on top now and looking to the north and the Hueferno River. There are some petroglyphs here and appears to be fairly  deep.

The center of these is certainly crystalline in nature but not as pristine as you associate generally with geodes as a whole.  Some do have color. What I find so interesting about these that people can not comprehend for some reason is the size and how close to round many are as you'll see.

Everything you see here is a geode.

These things are huge.

I thought we had quite a few around our place but it's nothing like this and have never seen so many hanging on the side of a drainage like this.

On the way back and the peak looking west and a bit south is Mt. Mestas

This is Greenhorn mountain a landmark for the area and lies at the very end of the Wet Mountain range.

This was quite a way from where the other geodes were. This one was ready to fallout of the bank and I one handed it slightly and it did.

Back at home and by gosh there's geodes here too.

I think this video does a better job show how many there really are. Turn the sound down because there's wind noise and me breathing, This is illustrative only and not very long.

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