Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

On this blogger site one can click on all pictures except for the header above two times each time making them larger which is a feature I like because it gives you the ability to really look very close at all kinds of things not readily seen.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Out And About

A few pictures of what goes on in my world these days. Find these flowers to be rather pretty.

My new casa. I live on the bottom which is a studio with the top being a two bedroom.

I buy fish here and several other places as well. There are quite a few around and bought fish much further into Vallarta this morning. Spent $19 including almost 5 for some reading glasses as don't have any spares left.

From the upstairs apartment. Mine is just as nice but much smaller. I'd really like to live up here but for one guy it's too much and too expensive.

All I can say here is that these are sooooo good and eat them with most meals. Costs a buck.

I walk with Andres and Maria who own the property. Gracious and hospitable always as everyone seems to be here and anywhere else. Pretty cool actually. I expect this new friendship to continue even after I leave. Maria is holding avocados in case you were wondering.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Color For A Friend

Click on these so they get BIG. Twice

My friend Linda from Delta who doesn't have her corn in yet (they do now - happy days)suggested I get out there and find some color as it's drab in Colorado and many other places as well and brighten things up a bit.

A bit of motivation doesn't hurt sometimes so out I went and produced several half decent pictures for a change and definitely not in order. It takes a loooong time to upload these. All were taken today 12/13.

This is on the other side of a small river where the school is located. Typical life. 

There is color many places.

Soon many of these will be in bloom.

A common flower and took pictures of the same in Costa Rica.

The next four pictures were taken in a neighbors garden. Everybody cooperated. The dragonfly didn't move the whole time I was there. Either he was on his way out/hungover or something of that nature. It sure wasn't from being cold.

Took one shot of this spider and got it. Very hard with my camera to get something like this in focus.

Went for a hike on a trail and cannot emphasize enough how intense it is and this picture does not do justice not even a little bit. It was fairly dark and need to leave earlier than what I did next time. It's a work out and wasn't quite prepared. The highlight was when I came to a very small area where the sun was getting through and I saw another one of these the first being in Costa Rica. I just figured I would never see another but I did today. It's happenings like this that makes things go round for this guy.

Very pretty-hard to capture and you will not just walk into this greenery. Not sure what kind of forest this really is and it very well may be called something other. Will find out.

The way it was driving out of Walsenburg 11/16 but since then the weather has been quite  mild.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Puerto Vallarta

Illustrative pictures in town or just Vallarta as it's known locally. One of the many stores on the south end where you can get pretty much whatever you want except for decent Italian salad dressing.

Some waves can be huge. The ocean is a bit over a half mile away from where I live.  

These flowers are common along the beach.

What a view these people must have from these building

Typical street scene in town looking towards the ocean which is actually a ba

Pretty impressive church design. 

Inside just as grand and this town and I'm sure the whole country is gearing up for Christmas.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Around The Neighborhood

Pictures in no particular order. Just glad I was able to upload them

This is the new place I'll be going to on the 19th. It may be real decent if the lady in charge produces some things it needs. Internet will be better as well I'm led to believe. In fact this is a bit unique inside. It's only a three minute walk from here.

 On a side road and if you don't look closely you would walk past as I did the first couple times. The forest is reclaiming this.

The local school here in Nagalito. 16 students and they are leadfing the pack in collection of plastic and aluminum hoping to win a good prize. Everyone loves the teacher.

This is an example of numerous stores on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Inexpensive and fun to look around.

Saw a dead one in Costa Rica so it was a treat to get this picture of a beautiful reddish dragonfly. Butterfly's are plentiful but don't stop. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the day your family and friends and chow down heartily on that bird and every thing else on the table and laugh a lot along the way!!!

No turkey here and I'm fine with that. I have been eating fresh shrimp and red snapper bought in Puerto Vallarta. I am thankful for that. A rather simple thing but those of you who come around know that getting the chance at doing so was huge for me. I am very thankful for that as well.

Thankful I am able to even have a chance at living life in a different environment albeit simplistic never really wanted much more ever.

Thanks for coming by and have a good one!!! I'm gonna stroll down to the ocean and look for my first whale. Never have seen one and they've been around. I wonder if they'd go after a fly.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bout Time

That I produced/put a post up or something like that. My friend Linda told me she was linking to here in her post tomorrow so I just can't have her readers come by and see an old post.

These picture have been sitting around in draft for awhile so I am using them. Not that they are all that good but in recent weeks have been around a bit and they are examples of that and some things seen or done.

Went to NW Colorado specifically outside of Steamboat Springs for several days where I visited old friends and the fact of the matter many of the "friends" I have live there.

This is vehicle central with the camper and grey Element mine and the other is an '05 we drove down to Longmont which is on the Front Range and picked up It was just like new and was driven by a young lady only. It's true.

On the way elsewhere went by the Twenty Mile Mine located between Hayden and Oak Creek which continues to produce mass quantities of coal using German technology with a movable long wall underground.

Went to Dinosaur to see the new visitor center. It opened two weeks after I left the area just about three years ago.

Several interesting panels on the ground just inside the Utah line on the road to Steamboat Rock that starts at the visitor center on the Colorado side of the monument.

It's always pretty out here in the evening.

Sitting on top of Blue Mountain where in the early 80's the world championship for hang gliding took place. I was the only one around but three people drove up and were looking and preparing for anther like event late Aug 2015. They expect 150-175 participants. I think that would be quite a site to see. Here is some info on that @ Rocky Mountain Glider. This is one of the launch sites here.    

Blue Mountain and where the campsite was above the camper.

The main reason for going to Dinosaur was the visitor center and to look for a certain style of petroglyph. This is what I call the "wall of bone" that is in the old visitor center. Wall of bone because that's what it is. Over the years Dinosaur has been noted for this and very likely you have seen it before. This is just huge and is hard to capture. It helps to click on the pictures to see them better. Third picture down has got some nasty teeth in it. This area was know for huge amounts of allosaurus a half size T-Rex.

This panel and others are impressive for sure and have what I'm interested in and that is pinwheels.

This has nothing to do with anything except it's here for some reason. A friend raised some 4000 cloves of organic garlic plus all kinds of other vegetables as well. Never had such good garlic before. 

Moving right along.  Sleeping Ute Mountain. Incredibly important to the Utes to this day.

This is in Hovenweep National Monument. Hovenweep is one of my favorite places and what has held true over the years remained the same in that this place and I cannot emphasize this enough has got to be one of the quietest places anywhere!! I mean that and it's one of the reasons I come. Not all the time but much of it you talk in whispers because normal speech seems too loud and it is.

It had rained and these frogs were out and they don't get to come out very often. There were quite a few of them actually.

If you ever come to what is know as "The Four Corners" area try and visit Hovenweep. There are several outliers that are very impressive as well plus others you may run across if you bush whack a bit. There were many people who lived here over the centuries. It's this area where I really feel at home for what ever reasons perceived or not.  

Make sure you click on this guy a couple times.

One of my favorites and it's within what is known as the "Holly Group" outside of the main park. It's a four mile hike one way from there to here. I recommend taking the car for this.

Doorways and windows generally produce pretty decent pictures.

Sunsets and sky viewing was the best ever. Laying out looking at the cosmos, warm no bugs no nothing but you and the sky. For me it can't get much better.

It's a pretty weed isn't it.

This is a fairly new national monument. It's called "Chimney Rock".  Wanted to see this and did. It was a bit of a bust in that it cost 12 smacks and you were very limited to where you can go.

This is worth seeing for sure and what's important is the ruins at the top are Chacoan in construction. Every archeologist agrees people from Chaco Canyon were involved with this building effort.

Wasn't able to take any decent pictures as you couldn't leave the path let alone go any farther than here in the picture. This guy wants to get out to the end. This is not to far from Mesa Verde.

There was a National Forest campground not far away. 18 smacks no water and marginal open pit units. It was $9 with my senior pass and not worth that but it was quiet as we were the only ones there.  

The summer has just flown by. Relish in the warmth and being able to wear sandals and such from the time you get up till the time you turn in.

Without question Colorado has got to be one of the more diverse and best places in the world. Beauty pass all with something outside for all types of interest.

IF - - - - I only liked that 4th season I would be in Nirvana. Alas I do not. So lucky to be able to do this kinda stuff at this stage of the game I tell you.

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