Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

On this blogger site one can click on all pictures except for the header above two times each time making them larger which is a feature I like because it gives you the ability to really look very close at all kinds of things not readily seen.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Sound Of Not Silence

Towards the end of last week the Blue Angels were in town for week end shows. There were many flyovers. Did a number of videos just because but there was something about this one. Not good at all till four of the six came directly over and was the lowest of all.

I enjoy this kinda stuff. It's supposed to be fun right??

Friday, December 14, 2018

Around The Neighborhood

It's time for some photos as sometimes it's hard to get done and not particularly happy with results but some of these are decent. It's just as important what's in them too. Below are several from Puerto Vallarta's Independence Day parade.

Click on the pictures to get a better look. Twice if you want.

Dogs are the most loved things here I swear.

                                        Not far from the big waters it get's steep quickly.

                                                             Steep like in straight up.

                                                             It's that time of year.

The architecture here blows me away. I do not tire of looking at it and try to capture some aspects but can't really. This one is different for sure.

                                        There is a lot going on here but not sure just what.

                                                           I like this one.

I just like this picture as well and above the house there is some grass not jungle.

                                                        Anything here you might need?
              Although out of focus been eating a few cocktails like this. This stuff is soooo good!

                 Quite a few of these around both in town and along the rivers outside of Vallarta.

                                                      Didn't even see the second one.

                                  From the Day of the Dead. These were all over the place.

                                              You can't hardly take a bad picture of this.
I have moved from a little place four miles south of Puerto Vallarta to an area called Benito Juarez of Remance a 10 minute walk to the mercado on the south of Vallarta known as Emiliano Zapata. My place is just to the right of the palm tree in the center of the picture and down. The casa with the curtains in the window.

Pretty decent place all in all and much less money than before. There are 68 steps which are not a problem and when you get outside it's a different breed of cat I tell you. My self and a couple from Washington state are the only gringos in this neighborhood. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Surfing Rays

It's my understanding that rays do this. Many have seen this type of behavior and maybe you have too but not me and found this to be totally enjoyable.

Watching for marine activity in the Bahia de Banderas  has been lacking a bit. But a couple days ago there was plenty going on with at least a dozen whales around and at least six tails in the air. There were many rays with plenty of jumping going on as well. Saw a HUGE ray jump in another place which was cool too.

It may not be much but it's something anyway and I just get a huge kick out of things such as this.


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Once Again Overdue

I'm not seeing pictures like I used too. Camera got bad broke in Mexico just when my interest had returned. Couldn't replace it but have now with a identical used one two camera's ago because it does macros so well. But it's well past time to post something as I still enjoy photography and always carry my camera with me just that not taking many pictures. 

So here's a stab at it with pictures starting in May or so and no order in fact they are mixed up. There are a couple that are interesting but mostly illustrative

 This is a lobby picture of a bank in Trinidad that has just finished a remodel. Notice the safe above the real safe. Old and original and the rooms in another part are Art Deco like. Just liked it.

Remember about clicking on the pictures to make them HUGE and twice for even BIGGER.

Above this cows butt is Fisher Peak the flat mountain just outside Trinidad.

I tried to get to the top of Greenhorn mountain and didn't do so well but the highlight was the awesome surprise of MANY healthy columbines. This is well into July and below columbines just don't grow. This is probably at 10,500' and on this long hike few decent pictures were had.  

It's rained so much at times mushrooms were popping up a lot of places. Another ride another day at elevation went past this fellow with a sack. Saw he was Japanese and it was "Stop the car!".  Mushroom hunting the whole family coming a long way to do so from Colorado Springs. This picture does not do these justice. There were a lot of mushrooms with four variety's at least.

There were just a lot of mushrooms out and these people were after some special ones for sure.

And because of the rain it a sea of yellow many places.

Then there's Bob. Too long a story to tell other than to say this is quite a cat.

This is now a defunct gas station north of Trinidad and Fisher Peak is there again. Identify with the writing and to think one used to be able to get biscuits&gravy here.

Bob is a troublesome boy and a first class sneaker inner but can't be allowed in. He tangles with my cat Stretch for dominance which is problematic for sure. This kitty has not one hint of meanness in him and has lived a fairly tough life for at least half of his approximate 8-9 years. It's much better now as a neighbor and myself sorta took him in but he don't get to come in. We like this animal a bunch.

See what I mean - he has commandeered Stretch's heated bed.

I believe this is the west Spanish Peak on the south side.

The town of La Veta lays pretty much at the base of these mountains and provides the chance of incredible pictures at certain times along with other geographical features found only around here.

It's just plain enjoyable to take rides out in the country to observe plus animal activity is high.

These are the Culebra Mountains just west of the Spanish Peaks. Taos is on the other side more or less. The ski runs are at a long closed ski area above La Veta called Cuchara. It quit snowing enough probably 20 years ago that made trying to make a go of it unviable. Climate Change is very real unlike what others say.
Then Stretch definitely out like a light and loving it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

For A Friend

I returned to Mexico 1/7/17. On the 4th received a call that Andres had collapsed in Puerto Vallarta. He is the one sitting and the photo is from this post. He never regained consciousness and passed away on the 18th.

Never would I have thought this guy would go out like this. Just figured he'd be around like forever. Many took a big hit losing him. It's a different place around this tiny burg but the shock is wearing off. We had a lot in common and this has me seriously looking at life and what's left of it a bit differently.

So this ones for you mi amigo! He would have liked this. Adios.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hiking Above Nogalito

Glad to be able to do this. It is not easy, slippery and one can sweat plenty! But it has cooled down and the days have been very pleasant.

I can't capture what it's really like. It's different from canyon lands. What is here though is an anomaly at 18 sec. Very easy to watch more than once. This thing wiggles.

I think it is a rod although Wiki debunks such things.  

Friday, November 27, 2015

Colors And Stuff

If not you should know pictures of anything are taken around here at times. This guy was inside and a bit over a 1/2" long. This new camera does not do macro's near as good as the three Pentax camera's that came before it. Still worth clicking on to get a better look though.
And yes there is quite a diversity in plants and colors.

This fellow was no more than an 1.5" long. Do not have a clue what he was going to grow up to be. This could be it.

Took a cruise a bit north of Vallarta and then east into farm country and there was a lot going on. There is no lack of food around here that is for sure.

Behind these mountains not seen here are some massive scraggly fourteener's. Do not have a picture at all. Just looks interesting and here is maybe a few hundred feet above sea level.

The job to have around here may be a tractor operator.

Many inexpensive places to eat. None out in the country though like Costa Rica.

The place I live is almost dead center.

The mountains around Nogalito are pure jungle that's all there is too it. To get to the other side here would not be easy.

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