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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Two - Bar / What's Left

A bit of back round on this as I have been putting this off because it covers a bunch of ground and people not many know of. Two of my readers know of these and one another blogger friend Linda knows as we just read the same book "The Bassett Women" by Grace McClure that tells the incredible story of Browns Park and many of the people who lived there.

If you remember the old westerns and the cattle and sheep wars that took place between the huge cattle ranchers and the little guys who raised sheep and cattle too in some cases - well this is where much of it took place and the Two-Bar was the first of them. This is also where the killer Tom Horn made several kills by shooting outstanding men in the back and leaving them lay. The Two-Bar is where Hi Bernard worked as the ranch manager and later became Ann Bassett's first husband.

This is why it's taken so long because to talk about the Two-Bar it can't be done without mentioning other people who were also major players in the history of this area. The attempt here is to put in some way life back into these people and this special place where a huge part of the the history of the West was played out for years to the enjoyment of the whole country from the east coast to the west coast.

Here are some links for more backround.

Remember about being able to click on the pictures twice to make them bigger each time to really be able to get a good view.

This picture is of the Two Bar Ranch looking to the north. The arrow points to the bunk house which will be used as a reference point.

Do not be deceived by these photos. This place was huge and the state of decay makes it hard to capture all that was happening here. This property had the capacity to handle many cattle and it did.

This taken from the hill in back looks slightly to the south west. The bunk house is the building with the stove pipe.

A peak into the bunk house looking to the east and the Green River lies just out of sight.

The bunkhouse looking through one of the many corrals.

Ora Ben Haley owned the Two-Bar the first huge cattle ranch in this part of the West. Haley was from Wyoming

Above the bunkhouse is where you will find the Gates of Lodore. Also left center on the small mesa is the Lodore school house. Close to the school house is the Lodore cemetary where several dozen lay buried. Among them John Jarvie and Sam Bassett. To the left (east) of the school house is the Browns park store.

Snapped this picture through the glass at the Museum of Northwest Colorado of Ann Bassett. Ann's first husband was Hi Bernard who was the ranch manager of the Two-Bar and was abruptly fired when it was found out. 

These are a pair of here spurs owned and used by Ann Bassett that according to the curator are highly valued and this pair is one the best anywhere.

Isom Dart a cowboy from Texas who was respected by all in the area and was a huge part of the Bassett family for years. Shot in the back by Tom Horn. It seems Hi Bernard probably played a role in hiring Tom Horn to come and do his killing in Brown's Park. It needs to be noted that Ann Bassett and the Two-Bar were in a constant struggle .

Matt Rash another local highly respected cowboy shot in the back as well by Tom Horn.

The two tanks are where the Browns Park store is at. I found out last time that Isom Dart and Jack Rash are buried next to each other on the mountain behind it.

                                                The Browns Park store.

A Google image with these places marked on them. There is one other place marked here. The Bassett Ranch and cemetery are located on private property. Not much remains of the ranch but while looking around I saw a Google map  that had the Bassett cemetery marked and I have put it in the approximate location. Whether it's accurate or not I don't know. From McClure's book it seemed the two ranches were fairly close to one another. 

So this is my stab at telling a bit of the story of this area and some of the people who made headlines for years across the country. The book is a worth while read and visiting this area is a real treat.

In many ways these people still roam this place. Although they're all gone now the Bassett's and the Two-Bar are still spoken about to this day.

I very much recommend a vacation to this area. One can spend days here and in Dinosaur National Monument and never see it all or become bored.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Check This Out

Over at Dave's place. He's the Ranger at the Gates of Ladore in Dinosaur National Monument. He took this when I was moving during a fire in the monument. I did not know that until he told me a week ago today  Watch a slide show at the gallery.

This area is where I've been hanging out recently. It's a special and fairly remote place that has much history.

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