Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Last Weekend Camping

Intend to do some type of a report on how this new vehicle works for me but I can say it did very well and the area around Rangely is interesting in the least.

Some of these are pretty good but had to rush this this morning because I keep falling asleep in the damn chair at night and never get it done.

The rock art is Fremont 900 to 1100 years old.


  1. gorgeous! Looks like you are having fabulous weather.

  2. It was pretty nice last weekend even here---but this week all it's done is snow or rain.

    We are almost through two weeks of the 5th month of the year and I have had shorts on one time at work.

    This morning it was white and 32*. It's 10:40 and 37* and not quite as white.

    Out there in Jersey it's always spring. You get it all.

  3. We are cold and rainy for the past 3 days. We do get all kinds of weather here, soon it'll be hot and humid and I will be saying I HATE SUMMER!

    I saw on the news last night the Phillies are playing in Colorado and snow was in the forecast!

  4. The first summer I spent in Denver it snowed on July 4th! Some friends had come up from Houston for a visit. We headed up to RMNP for a picnic. After we got everything out the snow started falling. Packed up and headed back to Denver where we had our picnic inside.

    These photos really gave me a case of homesickness. All breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. I've enjoyed that as well Leslie and you sure as hell don't want to camp on Memorial Day weekend. Disaster for sure.. Don't be giving me too big a head now. In a bit will put up what I think are better ones.


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