Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Western Colorado From Weekend 5/8/10

All these picture are from the immediate campsite  except for the first two that were taken at the history museum in Vernal,UT. They have a new building but I liked the old maybe a bit better because the exhibits that were located outside there were locates among a lot of trees and it seemed very lifelike but this was nice as well.

These are located close buy and are impressive. Once again these are Fremont 900 to 1100 years of age.

The one below I kind of like because it reminded me of the dinosaurs I saw in Vernal.

Having a hard time adding text to this and need to finish. The yellow flower under the tree is out of focus and all of them were and it's too bad because it was a great combination of color and lighting.

Surprised the white flower in the road could live there and saw others like that as well. It's pretty harsh out here. The rest are just what they are.


  1. Dinosaur National Park in the first two? The flowers are beautiful.

  2. It's in Vernal Leslie and the name escapes me. Used to be free but cost six bucks to get in this time.

  3. Vernal is not far from the Dinosaur National Monument. Drove through there once - kind of like being on the surface of the moon.


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