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Friday, May 7, 2010

Straight Outta The 50's

Ran across this and decided to make this a single picture post because I think it reflects such a much simpler time when farming was so different and also I know most of the people.

The two men on the left would only be a guess but the others behind the counter are well known. Of course you can tell this is a John Deere store. From right to left is my uncle then my grandfather, a fellow who worked there,another uncle and a friend who passed away recently who taught me so much. Marv also let me take his 1965 Buick Riviera to the prom one year probably not one of the smartest things he ever did I'm sure.

To my knowledge only one person remains alive and that is my uncle on the right the last out of nine children. Jack is probably 82 or so. My father also worked here for some time and was the parts man. I helped him take inventory several times crawling around those bins you see in the back with a flashlight calling out part numbers and how many. I know he really appreciated that.

You can click on this picture and look around a bit at some of the posters and such as this is actually not too bad of a picture of a picture I took.

In the future there will be some posts of times gone by from many years ago. Now that everybody is gone there won't be any bitching about being spread around on the internets now will there.


  1. LOL
    I think I am wearing that guys bib overalls.
    If any one has never worn overalls. You do not know what you are missing. They are the most functional, and comfortable piece of clothing there is.

    Plus there is just something about a chick wearin overalls. :-)

  2. Now this is a MAN SHOP!! How nice for you to have this picture and the memories it brings back for you Tom!

    I buy my granddaughter bib overalls, I love 'em too!

  3. RZ did you catch what Sue said.

    It was a man shop for sure . Got to the point the tractors became so big they couldn't get in the door so new building.

  4. I love bib overalls with all their big pockets, little pockets and loops. There's a place for everything. No need for a woman to carry a purse.

    Did you notice the fedoras? Wonder if they'll ever come back.

  5. Fedoras? Did you say Fedoras?
    I did not know they ever left. lol I have two in my closet. next to my cowboy hats.
    I guess I am in a TIME WARP. :-)


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