Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

From Father's Day Weekend

Went for two criuses this weekend and found a few interesting things. Did not fish so one was not had and have none for the year as I've not fished. Some of these are not too good and are illustrative mostly. The prickly pear were in bloom depending on the elevation.

When there are a lot of these they are very pretty.
I found a place where there are so many of these ball cactus. Some were 5" across and I did not do a good job capturing these where there were more than one close together. Most of the time they are not that far out of the ground and I don't have a clue what they are. It might not be much but I sure enjoy see these plants and especially in big numbers. I'm going back there when there's better light.
Most of the time you gotta take the picture when there's a train to be had. Actually went down here to look at dinosaur tracks somewhere to the right of where the train is. The wind was howling between 30&40 so I passed this time.
The cemetery outside McCoy,Co. I've driven down this road hundreds of times and I swear I did not notice this until just last week and I like to think that I'm fairly observant. I must have been losing it years ago and didn't even know it.
This may have been the best picture taken all weekend if it weren't for the weed.
Click on this to get a pretty decent view of some yearling elk. They get so brown this time of year.
This is the best picture I have of a turkey buzzard. I kinda like these birds. With strong winds the last several weeks there has been a lot of soaring going on with these guys and the ravens. Fun to watch and wasn't able to get something good on video. The buzzards can crank up the speed when they want and do they all ever have fun. That's what this guy was doing was waiting for a gust to come up as his two buds had just taken off before I got there. It was nice he stuck it out so I could take this.
This is at a cemetery called Deep Creek NW of Steamboat Springs. Not too bad of a picture but it's the caption that makes it real and Henry will live on for many years to come. I did as told as I don't need a hex on me.
These last two are of an old drilling rig/platform or what have you but it must be 75 years old anyway would be my guess. I found it interesting.

That's about it and I guess if there was a moral to this it would be you never know what you will run across when you go for a ride around here. That and have your camera ready always!


  1. Neat. I wish I could drive around in those parts. The prickly pear is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. It's fun to do that Leslie particuarly if one has a sense of adventure. Most don't however.

    Wish I could have seen the ball cactus in bloom.


  3. Love the headstone and the oil rig ones. such a wonderful place you live in OF. ;)

  4. Colorado is kind of like that. You don't have to go very far it seems to see something pretty cool. This state has been good to me in the 30+ years I've been here. It sure as hell beats Iowa. I like this time of year the best and then when the colors start to change in the fall. It can get very drab after that till the snow flies and after the snow is gone that time can be a pain as well.


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