Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Seen Friday Thru Sunday

A ride taken this past weekend. I am not happy with what I'm seeing with my pictures but here are a few that are worth looking at. This first one is south of Westcliff I believe. Covered over 700 miles including another cruise on Saturday to La Veta and Cuchara.

The next three pictures are in La Veta's cemetery and the mountain is one of the Spanish Peaks.

We take pictures of anything and this photo probably represents just that.
It's hard to get pictures of these two and even the black one by it's self. I have neither. The gray cat is the mother of the other.
It can be so pretty around the ranch at times and my whole life for the most part I have lived close to railroad tracks. I love the sound of trains. They can put me to sleep just like that. I like this picture but must take time and get down to the tracks. That is a must do.
A tree close to the house and I just like the color.
An Abbey and winery located in of Canyon City.
The train that runs out to the Royal Gorge.
The Royal Gorge with the tracks at the bottom. It was 21 smacks to get in the door. That got you a ride in the car in the picture below this one.

Most of the mountains and they are along the way all the time had a dusting. It was real nice in Hueferno County back at home in Steamboat Spring I guess it wasn't so nice as the mountain had it's first dusting as well.

Stopped in Salida and got my favorite for years-a chicken burrito with green chili. I love this chili at the Back Roads Grille.

If it weren't for the wires this picture could almost be period. This is maybe 10 miles south of Buena Vista.
Count real close how many tunnels you see here. On the Arkansas River just north of Buena Vista.


  1. Oh gosh. These bring back so many memories. I think they are spectacular.

  2. Thanks Leslie. Some of them are pretty good but it seems I can't get the intensity of the colors. It was a bit bland and it is fall. Where did you live in Colorado? I forgot.

  3. Lovely pictures, all of them.
    The dish with burrito and chili looks yummy.

  4. Now I'm hungry Duta. This green chili is the best. Did you see this post?


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