Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tumacacori National Historical Park

This park is located just north of Nogales and much more can be found at the link below.
Settlement at Tumacacori dates back at least to the early 17th century, when this was the site of a Pima Indian village in north Mexico.

There are many pictures here. Some are illustrative as in the dioramas showing what the inside looked like 250 years ago. It's easy to envision what it must have been like as much is still in place.

This is the only time I have taken so many pictures that were keepers. The colors here are impressive and I have not tired looking at these. Hope you enjoy them and if you should happen to share them tell 'em you got them here. Thanks


  1. If I am not mistaken there is a campground near here.
    Hopefully I will have a chance to go back this spring.
    Great internal photos.

  2. I was looking at them thinking gee not much color here but still no color but that 15th from the bottom sure is a beautiful picture. Thanks!

  3. I don't plan on ever going anywhere close to that border in these times RZ. Not after being detained by goons with guns in my own country.

    Some are better than others that's for sure Jim. Thanks for coming over you guys!

  4. One Fly,
    These are beautiful! It reminds me of the old church, St Jerome on the Taos reservation in New Mexico. The architecture is different but their is a certain commonality that you can observe in both.
    I really enjoyed this man,thanks!

  5. I'm glad you liked these Oso. In the near future I will be living much closer to the Taos area and hope to do plenty of exploring.

    The only type of exploring I'll be doing these next several months will be looking at pictures like this wishing I was there.

    Spring can not get here soon enough!

    Are you from New Mexico?

  6. Hi One Fly,
    No born and raised in Los Angeles.My exes family is from New Mexico, we are still tight with her family.When I went to Taos Pueblo with my daughters a few months ago, we were looking at a graveyard by a church which had been burnt down during a revolt against the US around 1850 (the church I mentioned above St Jerome was built around that time).Anyway, there is a small wall protecting the graveyeard but you can see clearly into it. The girls grandmother on their mothers side is Pueblo, family name Suazo. We saw several of the wooded grave crosses with the name Suazo on them.Not a common name, so quite possibly distant relatives buried there.
    The pueblo is very picturesque. They live the old way. I know you will enjoy seeing it if you haven't been there already. Just stopped by to enjoy the pics again. Later man.

  7. Hi Oso, I will be seeing that sooner than later I hope. If it comes together next year at this time I will be living in another place that will be maybe 125-150 away rather than 500. New Mexico will become a huge play ground I hope as well. I had a coach by the name of Suazo. That man did not like me. Thanks Oso for your visits and kind comments and observations. Just put a new post up from another place in NM. Later my friend.


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