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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Pictorial Hike

Remember you can click on these picture twice to make them bigger each time.

Probably 17 years ago while traveling Phil and I came across a ruin located in this formation below directly in the center. Remember about clicking on the pictures twice to make make them huge as to be able to really look around.

In any case back then we climbed to the top and took some pictures. That was really something. In all those years we always wanted to revisit this ruin and we did so this last March in 010. Armed with a digital camera we documented our little journey and made a short film about it here. The second one of this hike is here.

This was another fun experience and another ruin was found. We figured the Indians entered from the back side and decided we wanted to come back and do that which we did and what these many pictures show or at least attempt to as just did not do so well in that respect. Except for the first the others were all taken the day we made this hike last Tuesday the 27th of Sept 010.

This place is located in the Valley of the Gods north west of Bluff,Utah. Getting to this is difficult at best no matter from which side you enter. There will be some type of film as well but not for a bit.

This is pretty much where we started from which is on the plateau above the valley. Balance Rock was a reference point but the fact of the matter is we missed this the first day and went past this outcrop the first day not by a bit but by over a mile and this was the second try. And yes we did not have a GPS. The distance is around 2.5 miles maybe a bit more. It's tough no matter which way you come in.
The were small fish hook cactus up here not seen by me anywhere else around Natural Bridges. This was the first place I noticed them It was very much like the desert in areas of Arizona up here. Liked it a lot.

Then came upon this array of ball cactus. It had rained about a week before and plants were healthy and there was a green tint many places. Not bad for almost October.
Then the Mickey Mouses! These things were huge up here compared to other places.
What it looked like walking out and down to the end.
Saw some small birds and a few lizards is all.

You see the standing water above. In the next formation to the left in the the first picture here take a look at the next picture and the pointer arrow. We don't think there were that many people living out here and that is why we also believe this ruin was used for observation and the second was a place to live. But if there was anyone out there on this one after a rain I bet there may have been a pool party. I did not see this until I looked at the pictures when I got home.
In addition the humps you see in the back round are Comb Ridge.
It was just plain pretty up there.

Not everywhere but many places you can find chips like these from making tools and arrowheads.
Pottery laying just like it was.
Good stuff and like the top piece the best.

Still a long way away.

A slick rock highway that narrows down as we approach the end.
Were not sure if we would be able to get up this narrow part as you were not going around the ends.
This is the slot one has to take and it's pretty easy. Had to turn sideways once. But still it's a long descent to the end. Compare the next several pictures to get a better idea. Just did not do well on these pictures. This is the only way to get out there from this side. Imagine all those who passed before us.

Real close to the end and stop at the second ruin for a couple better pictures than the first time.

On the right center is where the final climb down is made.
It's right in the middle but yet there is still a another level to go to and a traverse across a small bowl to get out there. No pictures as I handed the camera off to Phil for a video.
So we're here and this is what you see from there and what is cool is the wood in the construction of this.

The following seven pictures are from the trip in March. They are so much better. Want to say nothing was touched or removed from this site. Our footprint was very minimal but have to admit to losing a red rag out of my pocket and a pair of cheap reading glasses. Feel kinda bad about that. Someday someone will find this stuff and say some dumb shit was littering and they'll be partially right.

Here's Phil and I as we start our way up and back to the starting point. I see I still have that rag in my pocket.

Initially we were a bit secretive about where this is but now since it is so difficult to do there are just not that many who can or would even consider doing this if any blogger buddies would want more info I'd give it to them. I don't want much more than this in a day. It took 7+ hours to do this. The fiasco miss the day before included the fact we did not have enough water. Brought more this day and it still could have used more.

But the good part is going back again to the same general area and will use the camp ground at Natural Bridges as base. What is out there is the Grand Gulch with so many ruins accessible by backpacking or long day hikes only. Spring can not get here fast enough for me.


  1. Unbelievable Tom! Not too many make it to those sites I'm sure. How did you even know that was all there?

    I have to laugh, I was about 10 pictures in when I remembered you can enlarge them and did so again, that reminder is smart because those pictures are well worth it.

    Oh yeah I was showing Trice the film and I remember seeing that here as did she.

    That is amazing and I envy you for going to see those places and being physically willing and able to do it

  2. Beautiful man! In all seriousness, so much prettier than Disney World pics. I appreciate and understand your affinity for the land,the people who lived there, the plants and animals.
    Thanks for sharing this man. Makes me want to head back to that New Mexican desert.

  3. Great pics Tom, I am so jealous, oh well. - Holte.

  4. Thanks for coming over to look at the rest of these you guys. All I know this is what I want to do while I still am able and not turn a wrench. This last year at work is going to be a very long one. I think I can stop about this time next year but I feel bad vibes from my employer. All I want from them is four months of unrestricted unemployment until I reach 62. It's half my money anyway but they are acting like I am stealing from them. This does not put me in a good mood.
    Later men!

  5. Wow, these photos are amazing! Your love of the land shows and that's good karma dude.

  6. Thanks for that Lib. I get a big kick outta the swimming pool on the other mesa.

  7. I am incredibly jealous. I would love to spend a few days out there. The views are stunning.

  8. No need to feel like that Zhann-maybe you can put a trip together and in many places the ruins are very easily accessible and easily seen from the road as well.

  9. Oh man, would I love to do that hike! I would be very careful about spreading the location around though. You may have noticed in the news how the petroglyphs near Bishop, CA were hacked and sawed out by some incredibly thoughtless, stupid, criminal, and selfish thieves. Here's one link:


    I would hope no one would do anything like that to this place though. It's beautiful!

  10. Thanks for the visit! I went to your link. This still goes on here. To take what looks like a gas powered saw out there was brazen at the least.

    There were no petro's around here at least we did not see any. There are a few in Natural Bridges National Monument 20 some miles to the north.

    What some of these Mormons are sitting on must be amazing. There's this one fellow who allows you to see his. It's amazing. There are two posts.

    I like this very much.

    The human species is a tough one to figure out. When I was a punk kid I did some bad shit but that stopped pretty early. This is something else.


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