Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Highway 1 California

These are a few pictures taken on 3/24/09 driving along the ocean from Monterey to Santa Barbara a road never traveled by me. Totally enjoyed this and hope sometime to return when there is more time. California has always held a fascination to me because of the car culture,music and of course the ocean. After this trip for the longest time I felt a sincere need to move here. Maybe I should. Time is running out.

The last picture was taken in Pismo Beach. Had heard about this place and I ended the day there and stayed the night. I don't have to think as I know I could live there. Some of these pictures let me relive that day again.


  1. I have made this trip several times.
    First time was in 68.
    I do not remember much of that one.:-).
    Back in the day we did not measure a trip by miles or hours.
    We tried to figure out how much reefer we would need for the trip.
    How I wish I could relive those days.

  2. Beautiful trip, isn't it? We drove down that road a few months later. It was foggy most of the way, so no pictures of note. Still, every once in a while the fog would part and we could see something wonderful.

  3. And before the pot RZ there had to be a discussion on how many cases of beer it was going to take to do whatever. I did grow out of that particular mentality fairly early. With the other it's just a pinch I enjoy rather than mass quantities.

    Coming down from the hills to the ocean Cujo it was so green up higher and thought the pictures I was taking were going to be so good. Along the coast it was overcast. When I looked at the pictures was so surprised that the green were so bad and the ocean ones were just what you see here. I was so surprised-what do I know cept it's fun dammit.

  4. Do it! I have a friend who lives near there. He moved there 30 years ago when he retired from the business, loves it and never came back. It is gorgeous!

  5. I've made that drive several times One Fly.
    Once a friend of mine was driving it with his buddy, who was asleep in the passenger seat.My friend turned to reach into the back for another beer, stupidly swiveling his entire body including his hand on the steering wheel. The car sailed off the road bumping thru shrubs and weeds and rocks with both of them screaming until he veered back onto the highway.

    Had this been on the return trip south they'd have sailed straight into the Pacific.

  6. I don't doubt it. It's easy to become distracted. I do hope to visit here again.

  7. HEY DOOD, you want to live at the coast within striking distance of beauty Oregon coast? I got a beauty outfit for sale here...ready to deal!


  8. I know you do. I was in Brookings and was impressed. Was in Coos Bay too. Colorado has been so good to me at this stage I probably need to stay. Places in South America you can live real nice on 1200 smacks a month and it's warm all the time. It might be a pipe dream but I'm thinking Baja 300 miles south of the border about this time next year.


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