Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trains Along The Colorado

River that is with one exception. Most were taken between state highway 131 and Interstate 70 at the Dotsero exit. A 35 mile stretch of road that follows the Colorado River and is called the Colorado River Road. The first two pictures are the exceptions to that. The first is the Colorado at State Bridge showing  highway 131 bridge. The second was taken at Trinidad,Co which is a few miles north of the New Mexico state line on Interstate 25.

This is probably my favorite place as I have fished here so much. It's very special. 

I like this picture a lot. The area above the train and to the north is known to the locals as Sunnyside because it does not snow there.


  1. I love these shots. Good jobby.

  2. In the fall of the coming year I plan on moving away and will try to really concentrate on this area as a whole for different types of pictures because I will not be making it back this way very often at all.

    Thank you Leslie.

  3. Nice pics.
    I had the rare opportunity to see 40 or so engines all hooked together right next to the road the other night. They were working on one of them as I went by.

    If I want to see trains, all I have to do is stick my head out the door, they go by constantly and I could throw an empty beer can at one and hit it. This whole place shakes when they go by.

    Merry Christmas dude.


  4. Thanks Phil-there's an email headed your way.

  5. Great pics One Fly, thank you.They remind me of the train tracks along Hwy 80 going between Ca and Nv just past Reno.

    Tell Bustedknuckles to quit throw those empty beer cans at the passing trains - those guys are too busy to recycle!

  6. What Phil said! Only we got no trains here, only the roar of the ocean in the background. I used to love going out into the Columbia River Gorge to watch trains...now it costs too damned much to go much-a-anywhere.


  7. Thanks for that Mr. N! It's fun and fairly inexpensive. But --- as you point out the cost. Soon there will be about 1/3 of the income there is now and I will be staying much closer to home. It's going to be a real busy year when spring comes. I need to go down to the river and leave the fly rod home.

    I hope you get your place sold this year and get to the other place you want to be.


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