Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Cruise

Traveled down to the front range over the holiday weekend and on Xmas went for a ride ending up maybe 50 miles east of Denver. This particular picture is maybe 10 miles north of Silverthorne. The weather was so nice and no snow unlike the high country here. The sno-pack around Steamboat Springs is at 150% of average.
 The resident cat Tigger. He's a good kitty.
 I enjoy close ups and and given the blandness outside I'm looking for color. This is kinda fun to look at for a bit.
 This shot could be from a bunch of places some far away but it's here in Colorado.
It seemed we had to go a long ways before we really got away from city influence and there were many structures like this. These are not houses when built this large and elaborate.  

Remember about clicking on the pictures once and then twice if you want as they get bigger each time. I like the clouds in this one.
We saw two pheasants and having grown up in pheasant country it is always a pleasure to see one of these birds. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.
 I like this one as well if the tree wasn't quite centered it would be better. In the next you can tell we are quite a ways from the mountains.

 This was once a community as there was a couple small buildings as well.
 This was a post office at another place like Leader. The name escapes me. There are not many people out here. There were more at one time but agricultural practices changed that. 

 The directory. Some families have been here as you may well imagine for generations.
 We were treated to a pretty decent sunset when we started our return west.


  1. I love pictures of old abandoned houses.
    But, the black and white photo of the tree in the field caught my eye.

  2. That's probably the best one. It grows on ya. The one of the kitty is fun too.

  3. It all looks so familiar. I call "houses" like that one "Monster Mansions."

  4. I agree with your assessment of the "house" Leslie. I have issues with things like this and all I will say here as you do when you have a structure like this it becomes something other than a house/home. There is another picture of this over at OTC and if you didn't see that this thing is empty.

  5. Man, Tom as you know there are a lot of places out there like that, so glad to see the pictures, I knew they were still around. Some of the places they cal towns are amazing.

  6. Exactly Jim-and to think these tiny places supported small communities of family groups and not that long ago. Corporations changed all that as well as city life.

  7. That McMansion, was that built and then abandoned? Sure seems desolate out there in the high plains.


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