Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ones That Got Away For Now

When out hiking it's important to be looking around as in this case where binocs showed

these creatures not seen from a distance. Click on it and look below the red dots.

There was no doubt an attempt was going to be made to get to them. They are along the red line. Got up there and tried from the left and then the right but no banana. Ended up going way around on the right and coming down on the green line.

While traversing in front and below got a bit of a glimpse of a couple of them. Again they are by the red dots.

Of course there is a way to get there some better than others. With a keen eye you can find them as in the case here.

Around the corner above and down an easy ledge and back along the green line.

I did not see these on the way down but on the way back. Pretty cool and they look like shark fins to me.

I got down to here and was watching my footing when I stopped and looked up and saw two of the most pristine figures ever. They were just off my left shoulder. All the others were farther along.

I could not go further as it appeared to be fairly treacherous and a misstep would mean you're not maybe going to die but you're not getting anywhere without help and there is no help for miles.

Looking at the pictures as here I see a bad choice was made on where to try and get down to the ledge. It looks like one can get down where the green line points easier. These things will be had and I want to see the rest of these creatures badly. I may very well go back again on Friday and look for more as well. The weather is still crappy here. Have a good one and thanks for stopping.

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