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Monday, May 23, 2011

Toga Toga Toga

History doesn't tell us who uttered those words made famous many years later but started here on the Green River. The locals saw boats approaching and they looked like they were in trouble.

They were surrounded by sharks and with the help of the locals made it to shore and safety. It was then those words were heard an lo and behold the visitor and his entourage was John Wesley Powell.

The music began in earnest.

All wore smiles.

The bubbly flowed like the Green River itself.

The dancing girls danced harder and there were more smiles.

Legend along the river has it that later on in the evening this fellow and his buddy's showed up and gave the parties a light show in the sky that capped the end of a fine party along the river those so many years ago.

Disclaimer: The only thing that's true is that there is a Green River. Powell did come through here. The pictures and art shown are very close to the river. The rest is pretty much pure rubbish.

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