Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Curiosity Gets You

The first of April I took this picture along with others on the Colorado River Road. Later looking at the pictures these two places interested me particularly the one on the left as it looked like a natural dam. That's what I did today as the sun came out. For awhile anyway. Went up there and looked.
 There it is. Closer than before
 Even closer.
 It is a natural diversion and possibly over the thousands of years maybe once in awhile it would get plugged up during a gully washer and some would spill over the top. Then again maybe not.
 The other place the second arrow pointed to looks just like it does in the first picture. A small faily flat pasture like area behind a rock escarpment. 

So what did curiosity get me today?  Some times it can be a bunch but not today. That's just fine. It was hard to get to the first place and took a long time. It was still fun and did come away with a couple keepers like this.


  1. And sometimes, it's only and all about that one flower.... She's a beauty.

  2. I'm happy some were in bloom. There are a couple areas where they're all over the place. The one in the post is white and there were only a couple of the pinkish one where I hiked today. There were no pinkish cactus where all the white ones were for whatever that confusion is worth. I like these small ball cactus a bunch.

  3. I never did well with story problems in math.

    But for some reason, I understood it perfectly.

  4. That is really interesting! The catcus are blooming...not here yet, I can hardly wait I just love them.


  5. I was surprised some were in bloom but it's a different eco-system there as well.


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