Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

On this blogger site one can click on all pictures except for the header above two times each time making them larger which is a feature I like because it gives you the ability to really look very close at all kinds of things not readily seen.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Stills - Roads

Welcome and the roads you will see here today are the roads around where I live. Because of lifestyle choices I spend quite of bit of time around home and on these roads.

When possible like to use recent pictures and these are but all were pretty bad and most have been manipulated just so you know. They become illustrative then and gives a cheap out on taking a bunch of crappy pictures.

The route taken on these roads in this series of pictures is marked with red dots in the picture below. The numbers on the same picture (in green)  below correspond to where the picture was taken on this route with that same number on the picture in the top left and that number is red. Too late now. This is a 20 mile loop all gravel except for a short stretch on the interstate.

The second picture is not numbered but is illustrative of distances driven here in the west.

To view this properly you have to click on the pictures to make them larger. That can be done twice. No animals here - I think it's pure road. 

To get to this spot where the gate is locked I take either a bicycle or a small motorcycle and drag them under the fence. It's pretty easy really. Call the cops I don't care cuz I'm not going around. 

Looking west.

These next five pictures all look to the west covering four miles.

This is just the second time I have ever ridden on an road like this. The first was here as well. I don't like it but you bang this mile and a half out quickly and it's not too bad.  There is not a road there that crosses the interstate. The next one that does is three miles further north and turns this ride into 30 miles.
Headed south and you can see the Spanish Peaks in the distance.

This is a county road and sometimes they go through the middle of where people live. 
 People aren't too friendly out here but that is normal. We are actually neighbors and I know for a fact we have mutual friends. They tend to go away when you come through. I understand.

Headed south with these two landmarks for hundreds of years looming  in the distance.
Seven miles due east all downhill.

This is actually called The John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway. 64 miles south is the New Mexico state line.

The end.


  1. Looks like a fun hot ride..:-)

  2. You did an outstanding job!!!!


  3. Wow! Road trip! Now this was fun. Liked all of them, but 5 is my favorite. Think the sky is what made it a tad different.

  4. Loved the roadtrip through a State we love to visit! Your photos really do perfectly illustrate the vastness of the West.

    1. There is so much of just that Sallie. It's hard to capture that but what I like is the ability to make these picture larger where you can at time with some pictures not necessarily these really take a good look at just that.

  5. First thing I noticed is just how straight all your roads are! And then I noticed you did this trip all on your bike. How awesome!!


    1. I did Lisa and have been riding a bunch. I will make a post on this as there is more to it than just a bike. Briefly I knew I wanted to get back into riding but also wanted it to be fun. I electrified my bike that assists very well with that. Thanks.

  6. Darn you, Fly, now you've made me lonesome for the west. Love those open roads and mountains in the distance. I can resist anything but a road with a cattle guard (#10). That, and temptation.

  7. Don't feel too lonesome you have all those cool 10,000 lakes to play on and around. You know what it's like this time of year and more hot is on its way. There's more cattle gaurds around here I tell you. We don't have one.

  8. OMG, do love the pictures but the story you tell makes them even more fun!

    1. I like a good story too not that this was that good of one. My world is much smaller than what it was so things like this makes it go round. Thank you for that MTW!

  9. wow, thatz a lot many roads with vanishing points, nice shots.

  10. Great photos, and so much fun to read about them. So different from here.

  11. You told a pretty good story at your place as well Eva. Thanks.


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