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Friday, November 2, 2012

Hola From Costa Rica

A quick post on a few things seen so far. This is the bus I rode on to San Isidro. It was a nicer seat than I had on the plane here. The ride over the mountain of death did cost $5.60.
In downtown San Isidro. I kinda like this picture. Several others below of outside where I am staying.

 The market was something else. A dollar is 500 colones so a kilo of these bad boys costs a buck. 
I understand these are the best carrots anywhere. Four lbs costs a buck. I bought five medium pineapples for a buck. Have not tried one yet but have a feeling they will be good. I guess watermelon is not so good.
This market is much larger than it appears here.

I'm sticking around the house today and plan on going for a walk soon.

It is like they say - beautiful and green.



  1. Oooh WoW!!! Pics are wonderful. Such a beautiful place. My fav is the one right before the market ones. Have a great time!!!

  2. Looks like you're in the Garden of Eatin' ! So glad you arrived safe and sound. It looks to be quite an adventure. I'm so happy for you!

  3. I didn't realize there was so much civilization South of the Border. :>

  4. Thanks for sharing....these are great pictures.
    What an adventure!

  5. Oh...beautiful! What a wonderful adventure you are on!


  6. You dog you!

    This was supposed to be February!


    Love ya,



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