Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

There's This Certain Saying

"Se monto enn la carretta" that started here in Atenas many years ago and is still used. I saw this just the other day.

Oxen are used to pull ox carts and they still do. For a long time many plied the roads hauling mostly coffee and and other goods. I've only seen one ox cart. Two with this one at a small park.
Atenas is known for it's ox carts and this is the only real cart I've seen and it's on the road to town.
Barrio Los Angeles where I stay is actually the old road into Atenas. It dead ends about a half mile away where it begins a rather steep descent to a river. Moon shining was going on in days gone past and I understand recently somebody was making some. A friend and I made it down on what is left of the road. We took machete's and if it had not been for a fire I doubt we would have been able to discern where the road was. It was on this not too long of a hike saw a sloth which was nice.

There were as many as 400 carts a day using this road. So there was some drinking going on and when some guys got too drunk to walk along side their team of oxen to direct them they got on top of the ox cart.

In present day when the local's see an inebriated person they say that phrase "se monto enn la carretta" which translates to "looks like that person is on top of the ox cart".

I think that's is soooo funny. You can go here and see some real ox carts just the way they used to be back in those days.



  1. The cart in the picture is beautiful...love the colors. So that was an ox?!!! Well, stay sober and off the top of the ox cart ...and you got to see a sloth! Good times...

  2. Went out last night for a bit and there were a couple riding that cart for sure.

  3. Love the ox! You are getting good with the language!


  4. I love that ox cart though it is so lovely decorated. Interesting that that is what they used to transport their moonshine!

  5. The ox carts are pretty! Cool seeing the sloth! I would HOPE there were not 400 ox carts on the road at one time. What a traffic jam!


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