Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Morning 3/17/13

It's been a bit lax around here I know. Caught up in life I guess and trust me it's very simple.. Every day I see something different meaning here like at the beginning of this video. I generally in the morning walk up to the top of this hill and beyond. What you see here and there's not much happening is what it's like here almost every day. I do not tire os seeing the same thing on a daily basis.

Soon I will walk the other way into town where I may get a bite to eat probably sit in the park and cool off or what have you. Eventually head back home clean up maybe have a beer cook supper watch a movie go to bed and do the same tomorrow.

Scheduled to return on the 28th but considering a week earlier like this coming Wed. The weather isn't all that great but there are some things I can do. Later. 


  1. huh??? A week early??? ...uuuh...it's cold around here!

  2. You will freeze...when you make it back here. Now me...I'm down to jacket weather, sometimes no jacket!


  3. Probably. Yesterday at the ranch it was 47 and a 25mph wind. Doubt if I would have gone outside. I'm staying until the ticket day of the 28th.

  4. Thanks for following -- read all your Costa Rica experiences. Beautiful country with wildlife and lush plants. -- barbara


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