Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Around The Neighborhood

It's time for some photos as sometimes it's hard to get done and not particularly happy with results but some of these are decent. It's just as important what's in them too. Below are several from Puerto Vallarta's Independence Day parade.

Click on the pictures to get a better look. Twice if you want.

Dogs are the most loved things here I swear.

                                        Not far from the big waters it get's steep quickly.

                                                             Steep like in straight up.

                                                             It's that time of year.

The architecture here blows me away. I do not tire of looking at it and try to capture some aspects but can't really. This one is different for sure.

                                        There is a lot going on here but not sure just what.

                                                           I like this one.

I just like this picture as well and above the house there is some grass not jungle.

                                                        Anything here you might need?
              Although out of focus been eating a few cocktails like this. This stuff is soooo good!

                 Quite a few of these around both in town and along the rivers outside of Vallarta.

                                                      Didn't even see the second one.

                                  From the Day of the Dead. These were all over the place.

                                              You can't hardly take a bad picture of this.
I have moved from a little place four miles south of Puerto Vallarta to an area called Benito Juarez of Remance a 10 minute walk to the mercado on the south of Vallarta known as Emiliano Zapata. My place is just to the right of the palm tree in the center of the picture and down. The casa with the curtains in the window.

Pretty decent place all in all and much less money than before. There are 68 steps which are not a problem and when you get outside it's a different breed of cat I tell you. My self and a couple from Washington state are the only gringos in this neighborhood. 


  1. Beautiful, Colorful photos! Your place has everything you need and looks comfortable, too. So much beauty in one place, I can't imagine paradise itself being any better.
    beej in TN

  2. Hello Tom- Thanks so much for the pictures! Was wondering what your new place was like- and it looks great for all you need in Mexico! Loved the first picture of the beach- and the one of all the stuff in the Marketplace. Am sure I could find something there for the Greenwood Castle! haha. Take care thanks again! Beth

  3. Ever so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this little taste of sun and warmth!


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