Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chasing A Train

That's just what went on here probably for 10 miles maybe more. I know this road well but I had to drive too fast to get these.

The reason being I really don't have any excellent pictures of an Amtrak train with a red backdrop like you can get here. Some pretty good ones I suppose but it's the one on the bridge I really want.

Yea it's on there but the light is wrong so they're not too good. Years of trying to get this but haven't yet.

Need to mention that some of these engines are so dirty that even if it comes together doesn't mean it will be good.

I just have to go and sit and wait and hope for things to come together. And that means keeping the fly rod in da car.

Oh my!


  1. I am a big fan of trains.
    I traveled all through Europe using their train system. It is so relaxing, and one sees things one will never see in a car.

  2. Beautiful. Are these along the Colorado River? I used to take the train from Denver to Winter Park and once on to CA. In fact I used to ride 'em all the time since I was a kid. Love anything to do with railroading.

  3. Hi guys,
    a few years ago I was having a conversation with his fellow who later on I found out was upper management for the railroad here in this area. I brought up the idea of how nice it would be to be able to run smaller passenger cars that carried maybe 30 to 50 people between the coal trains. He laughed at me literally. It could work quite well but of course it will not be allowed.

    And yes Leslie these are on the Colorado River but farther along than Winter Park. Specifically the trestle pictures are at approximately 18 mile mark of the Colorado River Road.

    The Colorado River Road runs for approximately 35 miles from the Dorsero exit on Interstate 70 where it dead ends on Colorado State Highway 131 that runs between Interstate 70 and Highway 40 at Steamboat Springs. So those pictures are about half way and the others are to the north may be seven or 8 miles.

    We call that bridge the George Loves Bridge. I told a friend one time we were fishing around the George Loves Bridge and later he told me he could not find this bridge anywhere that he had googled and done this and done that and wondered why. His name was George as well we laughed and said there is no name we just call it that because someone had somehow got out a ways and wrote George loves on the side of it. I guess that fellow never found anybody to love.

    I'm glad you like these and thanks for the comments.



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