Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Holly Group And Surronding Area Of Hovenweep

Looking at these pictures while on the road they did not appear to be very good and I'm not saying these are in any way like that. Viewing them on my old laptop is not the same as the big screen here at home but there are several here that have some merit.

What these accomplish in a way is give an idea of what it's like out here if you have never visited. You will see a ruin situated beneath a rock where years of fires have made what was the ceiling black. It doesn't take that much imagination to imagine a fire and the Indians around it.

On another under a rock outcropping you can see too the common hand print seen in many places.

We wonder how often these rock formations actually change or shift. To be there when a massive chunk falls to a canyon floor would be next to amazing I am sure.

What can be said is that if you look closely one of the massive boulders a ruin was built on did shift. So in 800 years a geological shift did happen.

I probably like the 4th one the best just because of soot on what was the ceiling. They're all kind of cool in a way and continue to reinforce to me that all of us are nothing more than piss ants in time.

Hope you enjoy these and if you can go see this area of the United States.

Because of a comment I have added three pictures at the end.  I need to remember what I said - that pictures here are not intended to always be the best but serve also to illustrate or do whatever. In this case because of vehicles or people in them these weren't considered and that was a mistake because this is a cool ruin. These also show the shift better too.

To answer the comment about access-most of these are and other places as well are roped off severely. It was hard to see this ruin as I remember it.  I did cross ropes to take pictures at times but not very far. Chaco Canyon's accessibility changed so much.

Thanks for bringing this up RZ.

Remember you can click on a photo twice to make it bigger each time.




  1. The second to the last photo.
    Do you have a different angle to that one?
    Is it a solid square structure? Ever get on top of the boulder, or inside?

  2. RZ-answered you in an update with photos too. Thanks for noticing this. I missed it.

  3. Thanks.
    Did it seem to you guys that these were organized [plotted] defensive positions? Maybe observation posts? Or are they just singular dwellings?

    I could spend the rest of my life there.

  4. I'm not sure about that. Someone made the decision to put them where they are and certainly the ones with the sight holes are defensive. There was another we wanted to revisit but could not because the foot bridge across the San Juan was damaged. There was a totally large ruin on the rez that was the most defensive I've seen. All I wanna do is take pictures-I don't wanna work no more.

  5. Beautifyl, beautifyl land. Sacred, if you will. Like RZ I could spend the rest of my life there as well. I'm really enjoying your gallery.

  6. Thanks Leslie. I look at pictures at other blogger sites and it seems these are pretty interesting. I'm happy you guys like them.

    As it greens up which hasn't happened yet I hope to do more of a daily thing of what pictures were taken if any. That seems more real in a way.

    I've become so cynical it's hard to find things that interest me to post at OTC.



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