Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lonesome Roads

Took a ride north of Craig,Colorado to the Wyoming state line then east and south to home. It was over 200 miles mostly on gravel or worse. Saw some good stuff as is generally the case. This is an interesting read. This was hard core Indian country around here and then the cowboys came.

These are the rocks.

Don't forget about the pictures getting bigger if you click on them.

The high point on the left is Serviceberry Mountain and Bakers Peak and Little Emerson Peak can be seen through the trees.

The text below represent another post from Outta the Cornfield that was titled "Two Singles and a Triple" which will help you understand what you're reading. All the pictures were taken today but wanted to put more here at the picture place. 

Probably not what you're thinking but seriously this was a first on a cruise around the back country and briefly touching Wyoming today.

I came across this second but what we're talking about is the outhouse just to the left of this building.

You see these conveniences quite a bit and actually this one below is unique to me as well. On each side the is a single seater. Pretty dismal inside. What's different is the middle. Separate from the crappers themselves. I think that may have been where clothes were washed something like that.

First had seen this in the distance and drove the two miles or so out to it and at one time there was a lot going on and probably cattle maybe sheep. The outhouse is the building on the right. The main living quarters was the building in the middle.

Looking through the front door of the house. Not a whole hell of a lot out here and a long way from anywhere.

Here she is the triple of the day and truthfully I've never seen one. See a lot of doubles but never this.  You better be friends with who you're sitting next to in one of these things that's for damn sure.

I don't have a picture at least one that I can find  of the two story crapper on what used to be the stage coach stop between Buena Vista and Aspen I believe. It's called Innisbrook with a two story hotel. Went out in an enclosed walkway. It's on the Colorado Trail which I worked on over a weekend a long time ago and need to go back and see this again. It's on the south side of Twin Lakes. If I remember correctly seating capacity with that baby was a dozen or so.

It was a beautiful fall day.

The rest of these pictures reflect fall colors and landscapes of Northwest Colorado. 


  1. The country is unbelievable isn't it? When I was stationed at FE Warren in Cheyenne we slepped out on the missile sites all over that area to work on and check the nukes.

    The little toens with no pavement and boardwalks are still out there. I just loved it and use to jump the fance and go jogging through that though it would have gotten me in the brig.

    You love that stuff and I'm impressed that you go out and look off the beaten path. I wish I could remember where the missiles were and the names of the towns. They were out there. Keep it up, excellent! Before I go I got to tell you when I was a kid Iw2orked on farms and use to work on one summers in Casco Maine. One big old house we use to party in had a 5 seater in the attached barn. The house was fully furnished from the era. Anyway the town use to get together there and have dances in the upstairs dance hall which was a big room. Anyway you just made me remember and realize why the 5 seater as I always wondered.

  2. You hit it big James---a five holer. I would pay to see the house you're talking about.

    A bud of mine who grew up in Cheyenne I asked one day where I could go see one of these silos and he said he's never ever seen one. Proof not many go for rides.

    And I thank you for your kind comments on what you see here as I know you mean it. It's a bit different when you've seen and know what it's like around here. I'm sure back in those days it must have been a blast up there.


  3. Tom I wish you could see the house I am sure it has not changed a bit as some with money from Connecticut own it. Believe it or not there are many others in town but none with the dance hall and 5 seater. I bet I can find those silos.

    They are two to four hours away from Cheyrenne in the boonies. Gorgeous country. They are all over actually even in California. You can see nothing though. Where the missiles are are way out there off site from where we slept to respond to alarms.

    We slept top side and the officers holding the trigger were 70 feet below in a hardened bunker. Awesome actually! We weren't allowed down there but being friends with the officers we were.

  4. Jim I appreciate your interest in this and you sharing your stories of this area as well! Wouldn't it be a blast to spend some time exploring out there like in the old days. Come on out.

  5. Beautiful photos! And a interesting and slightly funny blog post! I, too, don't think I have ever seen outhouses like those.



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