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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Milk Creek Battle Site

I had heard of this site and took the time to drive to it last weekend. Someone has put a great deal of effort into this. The Ute's were one of the last tribes to be and I will use the word contained late in the 19th century. Shortly after this it was over for them as they were banished to a reservation in Utah.

For the back round on what happened here and you may find it very interesting you can read it about it right here.  And there is more to the story as on the same day at the Indian agency in what is now Meeker,Colorado agent Meeker was killed as well as his wife and others.

These are not the best pictures by any means but it's an attempt to put a face on this event and where it happened. The 5th picture is important.

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I will take the side of the Utes here and say it was Meeker himself who was the cause of this. The Utes were for the most part more social and forgiving than other Native Americans.

Apology's for the bad picture here.

It's unclear what the plans are here but there is drip irrigation and trees planted all around the perimeter and as  you can see fairly large pieces of stone to be used later for something. I have a feeling it will be something for the soldiers as that's the way it usually works.

Driving on the back roads out here in NW Colorado it is very obvious it is the white guys these days who have become hostile!


  1. Interesting piece of history but I don't think it's just those white guys in NW Colorado who have become hostile. Seems to be a national epidemic.

  2. Good pic's Tom and thanks for the double click tip I didn't know that. It was definitely Meeker's fault and it bothers me everything is about the soldier's!

  3. That it is Leslie. I drove a ways down a gravel dead end county road out there to see if I could find a way to this abandoned old brick house and people were coming outside to see what was going on. For sure it's everywhere. We don't have signs on our property.

    Meeker pissed 'em off bad there Jim and payed the price. And like the article said the Utes wanted the Army to stay away and send representatives to go together with them to talk with Meeker but they didn't do that and then the Utes attacked because they feared another Sand Creek Massacre. I believe that.

    Soon I want to get out to Sand Creek. It's not that far from the ranch. I don't think there's much there but need to see it anyway.

  4. Good post! I just finished the one I sent you, which I'm sure you will enjoy, and another one by W.S. Coburn and Luella Shaw on their take of the "Indian Problem"...which was an eye-opener to me, because I ways come down on the side of the Indians. Still there is always TWO sides, if not more to each and every story so this latest book to read was important for a look at the WHOLE!


  5. I had an Ancestery name John A Poppe how was in the Milk Creek in 1879 he was in the Army douse anyone have pictures


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