Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lori Darlin

While hiking In Natural Bridges National Monument met Lori on the trail to Sipapu Bridge. It was a very pleasant surprise  and in a short time talked about a number of things. It was so much fun but she could not continue to the Horse Collar Ruins.

Just recently watched Lonesome Dove and Gus is a favorite character and because of the way he speaks to Lori why Lori Darlin these pictures are for you with a thank you for taking the time to chat and I hope you get to see these.

Most taken here were not very good and in fact the whole trip this past week the pictures and video we did leave a lot to be desired and below are a few of the better ones from this hike.

I know the ones I took with your camera were terrible and I didn't do much better with mine. Conditions in the canyon was just hard and did not figure that out until returning home late this afternoon.

There will be some type of short film but it will take a while to piece it together as again not too good of job. But there are a number of pictures that will be worth looking at for later.

This debris was 10-12 feet high on this tree. A deluge of  .18" of rain causes a gully washer in these areas.
You can click on these twice to make them bigger.
This ruin is called the Horse Collar Ruin for the obvious reason.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 700-1000 years old and possibly more.
These were 75' give or take from the bottom of the wash.

And one from on top of the mesa above Valley of the Gods.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous, I am glad you met Lori and had a good time. I have to laugh, I get the feeling that you always remind of the pictures enlarging because I never remember till you do. Can't wait for the film!

  2. James - you're always so kind. We looked at them late Wednesday when we got back and was a bit disappointed and will view them again soon and see what possibility's there are. My hopes are not too high but there should be a bit of something.

  3. Great pics as usual.
    Ever think about taking a meteorite detector up there when you are walking around.
    You never know.


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