Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pictures From This Weekend - 09/11/10

The Utah ruins trip has been delayed until the weekend of the 25th. The nights will be a bit colder and the days  bit shorter as well but it will be fine and until then just gotta wait.

So stuck around here and these are a few things I took pictures of. Actually came away with a few pretty decent ones. I'm lucky I got the fish that I did but I climbed a lot more than I fished.

There happens to a coyote on the left of the first picture and even with the naked eye it looked like there was white on the end of the tail. Still think it was a Wiley. It's a bit odd as the white is visible.

Remember the clicking of the picture to make them big and then bigger.

I like both of these even though they are close to the same.

Did not do well on this one chance of the train on George Loves Bridge. Wasn't ready and needed to be standing where the picture was taken below.

This is the reason for the name we know it by.

When I came down from above I walked up this major watershed in between the red rocks. It's difficult to capture what this was like but as I gained in elevation it turned into a rock highway and that was pretty cool along with other erosion features.

As I walked and climbed up it was narrow in places with trees and the bank of course on both sides. If it wasn't rock it was hard red sand/dirt. Came upon some type of footprint of some sort that was not from a Bambi. Well what crossed my mind was mountain lion and there are bunches around this area - bunches. I'd been at this a long time and went down the drainage and even though I was really tired----

Caught this good looking feller.

These are from today and actually not that far from town. On some of these county roads not all are maintained completely so hardly anyone lives on those sections and they are easily passable unless wet or snow covered.

Don't people go for rides anymore. I saw a lot of cool stuff this afternoon and I was the only one anywhere.

I like this picture.

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  1. Excellent pictures, I just love it. I think you catch and release but eating that little feller would have been a tasty respite.

  2. I do Jim and thanks. I'm years over due of having a couple for supper cooked on the grill.

    I will try hard to get that done and when it happens I'll think of you and give you a report.

  3. Great photos!



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