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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dinosaur National Championships

Drove up to the launch site for hang gliders and found this. There must have been 150 acres up on top of Blue Mountain that accommodated this event so long ago. You can go here to view some pictures from that era.

This is one of the many camp sites on the mountain and where I was spending the night. It was real nice. Was looking forward to taking some morning pictures.

There were some clouds way out in the distance all day long and about 6:30 the wind came up and I crawled into the Element to not venture out again till around till about 9:30 when I left. There was lightning all over coming straight towards me and here I was sitting at the highest point around. Should have rode it out but bailed instead. It only takes a couple minutes to load up sloppily.

Knew there was an overlook not far down the road and that's where I went.

It was a good view as well. No one drove in.It was a beautiful morning and the wind shook the car for a long time and it rained. Couldn't really tell that in the morning. Slept real good.  

This is Blue Mountain. The pictures above were taken quite a bit to the right. 

This is inside Dinosaur National Monument. I am so impressed with this park and the area around it. There are several weeks worth of adventure here.


  1. Speaking of adventure, Fly, I'm about 4/5ths through a book you would enjoy reading. It's Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of Grand Canyon (2007) by Elias Butler and Tom Myers.

  2. I have/will note that in my notebook Fearguth.

    I bought a book written and researched about the Bassett women in Brown's Park. The author's name escapes me. I never realized all that went on in this small area. At the place where Tom Horn comes down and starts killing. This is so good.

  3. I'm about done with my book on the Bassets will get it to you soon..



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