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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's A Man's World - - I Mean Purse

This post was triggered by one from Teresa Evangeline on purses. Her place can be found in the link list as well. While writing a smart ass comment I realized I  had worked myself into a corner because what I had used years ago and now are purses plain and simple. Now Teresa has more than I but here are mine and the old ones are still around too.

This is a shoulder bag made out of Kente cloth from the Keta region of Ghana,West Africa. There are different types of this cloth but this type is Ewe which is also a tribe and a very difficult language. Peace Corps types wore these very practical and functional bags every day. This is close to 35 years old and still has life. Of course it's not used everyday anymore.

This was a hand made leather maybe goat bag I picked up as well. It's still in great shape. If you had business to do this was so handy because there's a lot of paper work that goes on over there and make no mistake this purse comes in handy for that and you put your hand through the loop for the obvious reasons.

There's some things in there yet one is a immunization document and boy did you ever get a lot of shots. The worst was the quarterly 5cc of gamma globulin in a cheek of your butt. You walked around for two days with a huge lump and it hurt. I don't think it's like that now. The other is a 100 CFA note pronounced seefa. Back then it was like 230 CFA to $1. Not sure but I don't think it's change drastically over the years unlike Ghana's cedi which I have none of. I always thought these notes were good looking money

From 35 years ago to present day I'm still carrying and packing. This is actually a fishing device that I use to carry all kinds of things and camera stuff is the big item. I do hike with this but anymore if going very far will take a small back pack and transfer to it. This doesn't carry enough liquids when it's warm and it's starting to get heavy as well. See the rock - picked it up out in Dinosaur last weekend. Just the corner was sticking out in this gray crappy dirt. It's very smooth/heavy and who knows maybe it's a dinosaur belly stone. It would hurt bad if this thing ever turned up missing.
These all are tools and no matter what design they make life easier. Of course girls use these for fashion purposes as well. I have not crossed that threshold.


  1. This is so cool. Love all of these bags. They each carry a part of your personal history, just like mine do. That you still have paperwork from there and paper money.... I've always thought other parts of the world have way cooler money than we do. They're little works of art.

    What a great "rock." It's fun to find these possibilities.

    Purse as tool. I like that. They really are when they have such a great function in our lives. I'm so glad you posted this. Thanks for the mention, too. Very nice of you

    Love your humorous asides and ending.

    I trust your packing is going well and excitement is building along with peace of mind. Have a good weekend!

  2. It would never have dawned on me to write about these items in this way if it had not been for yours. I get a kick out of things like that - I really do. Glad you enjoyed that TE!

    A friend from El Salvador called me today and we talked about a lot of things. She said there had been a new word added to some list and it not "man bag" but something like that. Men in other country's carry something like the leather one above. Not so much here of course.

  3. I don't know about that Vhincci but I thank you for it!

  4. I carry bags similar to your top one --mine are mostly from Guatemala. I feel they serve their purpose just like a big paper bag only they have a big loop cloth handle that can loop around your neck. I fit so much necessary things in my bag and with the handle looped around my neck I am hands free. I have noticed men with such bags here in the US. The only thing is -- I can't fit in my camera. -- barbara

  5. I wish I had another bag that's on the fence. They work sooo well as the one you describe does too.

    There's always a catch it seems.

    Still little color around here.

    Thanks Barbara.


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