Looking at Puerto Vallarta Jalisco maybe five miles south.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wayback Machine

This weekend at my aunt's in Casper some new pictures showed up. Below are some of them with a lot of unknowns except pretty much everyone here is a relative.  There are some short explanations.

This picture is not a new one but is my grandfather and his twin brother who immigrated from Switzerland when they were 14 after their mother died. Several others came afterwards and not all at the same time and that included their father as well. My great grandfather never learned to speak English and was loved by the kids at school because he always had candy. He was also known to have the best garden in town and my grandpa's were huge producers as I remember. My grandfather is on the left and his name was John.

We were also looking at old documents including ship manifestos and the like. This stuff is getting old and a lot of it is in German. 

On his wedding day.

I never got to know my grandmother as she died of cancer when I was two. These kids do not look like my dad and his brother and sister but it's almost has to be. The aunt I visited was not yet born.
Take a look at this crew. That's grandpa top left as he's a dead giveaway with his pipe. We were hardly sure of any of these kids but this is quite a picture.

I already forgot who this was but included it because I like it.

We're not sure who this was and they may or may not be related. Interesting though.

This is my Aunt Bernie and she still smiles as well and as often as she did back then.

We think this may be Grandpa's oldest brother. He died in Winnemucca, Nevada but was not buried there. I'm trying to find out more about him.


  1. Very cool photos. Love taking a ride in the Wayback Machine.

  2. It's fun isn't it. I want to find out what happened to my great uncle badly. Thanks T.

  3. Try ancestry.com (it does cost) but otherwise try genforum...it's free.

    Great trip back and good luck. Let us know if you find him.



  4. Hi amigo. Love the pics. Hope if you have more you'll share them.

  5. Yo Jules - I do and will remember to get some more up. I bet you have some too and if you do I'd like to see yours as well.

  6. Love your historic pictures! I particularly like old school and wedding pictures. If indeed a picture is worth a thousand words, you've just written several volumes.

  7. You must have some too Roseann. What I liked about some of these is that I had not seen them before. Glad you liked them.


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